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Ironworkers placing the last steel beam in the Sohio building (200 Public Square), which was completed in 1985 #ThisWasCLE

Our next forum:
Monday September 25, 2017 7:00-8:30 p.m. (rescheduled from Aug. 22)
“The Ohio Board of Education aka the State School board”
How can they help us. How can we help them
w/Board of Education member Meryl Johnson, Peggy Lehner, Ohio Senator (R-6) Chair, Senate Standing Committee on Education, Former BOE member Mary Rose Oakar
Free and Open to the Public
Shaker Main Library 16500 Van Aken Blvd 44120

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Video from “Ohio Drug Price Act-Issue 2” forum (9/19/2017)

How to Save a Dying Suburb (9/19/2017) CityLab

On the 40th anniversary of “Black Monday 9/19/1977-an oral history by Vince Guerrieri (9/19/2017) Belt

Reconsidering Dennis Kucinich 40 years after his Cleveland mayoral run: Richard M. Perloff (9/17/2017) Cleveland.com

Cleveland’s rich industrial past inspired the arts: PD 175 (9/17/2017) Plain Dealer

Capturing the next economy: Pittsburgh’s rise as a global innovation city (9/13/2017) Brookings

Nonprofits dominate Pittsburgh’s economy, development and government (9/11/17) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

How the Group Plan of 1903 molded Cleveland (9/7/2017) Plain Dealer

Cleveland’s obsession with gentrification is worryingly premature by Alex Baca (9/5/2017) Cleveland Magazine

National City Bank to Marble Room: A visual history of Cleveland’s storied bank building (9/5/2017) Cleveland.com

Video from the Cleveland Mayoral Candidate Forum (8/30/2017) Cleveland Public Library

Video from “The Election for Mayor: A discussion about the future of Cleveland” forum (8/29/2017)

There’s Something the Matter With Ohio Too (8/29/2017) Bloomberg

The case for raising the minimum wage in Ohio by Michael Curtin (8/26/2017) Columbus Alive

Tape from Cleveland Mayoral forum (8/25/2017) City Club of Cleveland and others

West Shoreway $100M re-do brings benefits, but falls short of original vision: Steven Litt (8/23/2017) Plain Dealer

How Redlining Segregated Chicago, and America (8/22/2017) Chicago Magazine

Harnessing the wind: Ohio ranks among top 10 for distributed wind energy (8/19/17) Lima.com

Eight is enough. The 2018 Ohio governor’s race (8/15/2017) Columbus Monthly

Kids of King Kennedy are trapped by a brick ceiling: Mark Naymik (8/13/2017) Cleveland.com

Burning river reborn: How Cleveland saved the Cuyahoga – and itself (8/8/2017) Christian Science Monitor

105th and Euclid: The Winston Willis Story (8/3/2017) Medium

What the History of One Cleveland Neighborhood Can Teach Us About Race and Housing Inequality (8/2/2017) Cleveland Scene

What the Cuyahoga River means to Cleveland (8/1/2017) Cleveland Magazine

Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells is Reining in the Rain (8/1/2017) Cleveland Magazine

Moses Cleaveland trees: How many centuries-old trees are left today? (7/26/2017) Cleveland.com

The history of Cleveland Day

Meet William Stinchcomb, the visionary behind creating the Cleveland Metroparks-Video (7/20/2017) Cleveland.com

The unforgettable Judge Jean Murrell Capers: editorial (7/20/2017) Cleveland.com

How the Cleveland Clinic grows healthier while its neighbors stay sick (7/17/2017) Politico


Cleveland Seeks To Lower Unsolved Homicide Cases (9/19/2017) Ideastream

Some Ohio legislator(s) are blocking broadcasts of State Board of Education meetings and who they are has not been made public (9/19/2017) Plain Dealer

Issue 2 fact check: Are all of the VA’s prices public record? (9/18/2017) Cleveland.com

See how closely Ohio school report card grades trend with district income (9/18/2017) Cleveland.com

Ohio lawmakers chip away at public records access (9/17/2017) Columbus Dispatch

State Report Cards Released, With Mixed Grades For Traditional Schools And Bad Ones For Charters (9/16/2017) Ideastream

How metro Cleveland and Akron stack up against Buffalo, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit and Pittsburgh (9/15/2017) Cleveland.com

Poverty down in Ohio, but state still struggling, census finds (9/15/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Election results from 9.12.2017 primary from Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

Frank Jackson wins Cleveland mayoral primary, Zack Reed out duels field of challengers to finish second (9/13/2017) Cleveland.com

State report card chaos should ease when grades for your district, school come out Thursday (9/13/2017) Plain Dealer

Cleveland gains “high quality” preschool seats, still has many fewer seats than kids (9/12/2017) Plain Dealer

Congress may save medical research from Trump cuts, sparing a bright spot in Cleveland’s economy (9/12/2017) Cleveland.com

Digital divide in Cleveland among worst in the country (9/8/2017) WEWS-TV

Possible Mandel-Brown Race Would Be Just Second Senate Rematch In Ohio History (9/8/2017) WOSU

Cleveland Police Plan to Cut Citizen Complaint Backlog in Half by End of the Year (9/7/2017) Ideastream

Cleveland Cavs announce Quicken Loans transformation will go forward (9/6/2017) Cleveland.com

Ohio premiums for Obamacare policies to rise by 34 percent on average, state says (9/6/2017) Cleveland.com

Northeast Ohio woodlands are under attack; from beetles, aphids, viruses and fungi (9/5/2017) Plain Dealer

Outside experts assess Ohio’s ballot issue on prescription-drug prices (9/4/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Conceptual plans for park at Irishtown Bend win city planning approval (9/1/2017) Plain Dealer

The Q Deal is Alive and Well — How GCC Compromised to Resuscitate It (8/31/2017) Cleveland Scene

Deal reached that may save Quicken Loans Arena transformation (8/31/2017) Cleveland.com

At candidate forum, mayoral challengers united in opposition to canceled Q deal (8/30/2017) Cleveland.com

Harmful algal blooms continue to plague Lake Erie, threatening drinking water, fish, pets (8/30/2017) Plain Dealer

Issue 2 backers revise drug-savings estimate; foes challenge data (8/30/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Election has become a referendum on Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s performance, panel says (8/29/2017) Cleveland.com

Bill Would Change Free Speech Policies On Campuses Of Ohio’s State-Owned Universities (8/29/2017) WCPN

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert kills deal to renovate Quicken Loans Arena (8/28/2017) Cleveland.com

Cleveland State enrolls 2,000 freshmen for first time (8/28/2017) Cleveland.com

Feds OK gas pipeline project from Ohio to Michigan (8/27/2017) Detroit News

Cleveland’s mayoral candidates campaigning: What they’re saying (8/27/2017) Cleveland.com

New Irishtown Bend plan blends active and quiet areas to serve city, region (8/26/2017) Plain Dealer

Mayor Frank Jackson gives fiery close to City Club candidate debate (8/25/2017) Cleveland.com

Toledo’s Water Quality Dashboard moved to ‘watch’ (8/25/2017) Toledo Blade

Amazon commits to North Randall fulfillment center, with 2,000-plus jobs on former mall site (8/25/2017) Plain Dealer

Study: Ohio has most failed charter schools, which close less often (8/24/2017) Akron Beacon Journal

New pro-Issue 2 analysis projects $536 million in prescription drug savings (8/24/2017) Columbus Dispatch

How a bad census count could cost Ohioans (8/24/2017) Cleveland.com

Ohio’s support for public colleges down 15% since 2008, report says (8/23/2017) Cleveland.com

Summary of Cleveland.com Mayoral endorsement interviews (8/22/2017) Cleveland Scene

Ohio Senate overrides six of Gov. John Kasich’s budget vetoes (8/22/2017) Cleveland.com

Would Ohio’s public retirees be affected by Issue 2? It’s an open question (8/21/2017) Cleveland.com

In Northeast Ohio air pollution finds its way to the lungs (8/21/2017) WOSU

Drug-price ballot failure in California could mean bad prognosis in Ohio (8/20/2017) Toledo Blade

MetroHealth turns to community for growth of health system, plans to open 2 suburban hospitals (8/20/2017) Plain Dealer

Fishing said to be great in Lake Erie, despite opposite perception (8/19/2017) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Robots are affecting jobs in Ohio — and maybe politics, too (8/18/2017) Cleveland.com

Ohio Hopes Facebook Data Center, And Tax Breaks, Will Lure More Tech Companies (8/17/2017) WOSU

Schools districts – now including Parma – start school earlier and earlier (8/16/2017) Cleveland.com

Facebook to build new $750 million data center in Columbus suburb (8/15/2017) Cleveland.com

How Ohio is trying to keep Asian Carp out of Lake Erie (8/15/2017) Cleveland.com

The 2018 Ohio Gubernatorial Lineup: 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans join the race (8/15/2017) Columbus Underground

How is climate change affecting the Great Lakes? (8/14/2017) Cleveland.com

Detroit’s revival supported by immigrant entrepreneurs (8/14/2017) Detroit News

Ohio cities continue to fight with state over tax collections (8/13/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

ODOT’s new Towpath Trail segment below Inner Belt bridges heals urban scar (8/13/2107) Plain Dealer

Failed drug tests keep Ohio jobs unfilled (8/13/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Small wind turbines in Ohio are the next big thing, says Department of Energy (8/11/2017) Plain Dealer

Ohio Supreme Court rules Cleveland must accept referendum petitions on upgrades at The Q (8/10/2017) Cleveland.com

Check out the Cuyahoga County schools, cities asking for new money this November (8/9/17) Plain Dealer

NuCLEus project draws a few questions, little debate from Cleveland school board (8/9/2017) Plain Dealer

Army Corps study on keeping Asian Carp from Great Lakes suggests noise system, stunning barrier (8/7/2017) Cleveland.com

New Ohio Bill Prevents Schools from Suspending or Expelling Truant Students (8/7/2017) Cleveland Scene

Ohio tax revenues in July meet new lowered targets (8/4/2017) Cleveland.com

Ohio Is Building The Country’s Longest Driverless Car Ready Highway (8/4/2017) Jalopnik Mag.

Obamacare premiums will rise steeply in Ohio in 2018, filings show (8/2/2017) Cleveland.com

Cleveland Metropolitan School District Considering Funding New Skyscraper Development (8/1/2017) Ideastream

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News Aggregator “News” Archives 2017


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