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Ironworkers placing the last steel beam in the Sohio building (200 Public Square), which was completed in 1985 #ThisWasCLE

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“Is Northeast Ohio a Sanctuary Region? Where does our region stand on immigration?” (1/16/2018) video

Cleveland founder shares what his startup community gets right and wrong (1/9/2018) Venture Beat

What the Cuyahoga River Means to Cleveland (January) Cleveland Magazine

Untouchables: The Making of the Memoir That Reclaimed a Prohibition-Era Legend (12/27/2017) Vanity Fair

In the sales pitch to Amazon, a reimagined downtown Detroit (12/20/2017) Crain’s Detroit Business

What’s really behind GCRTA’s falling ridership levels (12/17/2017) Tim Kovach

The Cosgrove era comes to a close (12/11/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

How a Cleveland City Council Campaign Fund Rewards Allies and Stifles Dissent (12/6/2017) Cleveland Scene

In Today’s Ohio, ‘Home Rule’ Is Not About Cities Being Self-Governed; It’s Cover For State Officials Moving Economic Growth To The Exurbs by Tom Bier (12/5/2017) Belt

Ohio is watching a “transit death spiral” unfold (12/4/2017) Mark Lefkowitz Green City Blue Lake

Cleveland’s Outer Neighborhoods Could Be The Key To The Future (12/4/2017) Cleveland Magazine

Leonor’s Choice (11/20/2017) Cleveland Magazine

Video from the “2018 Ohio Political Crystal Ball” forum (11/17/2017)

The Man Dead Set On Building an Offshore Wind Farm on Lake Erie (11/17/2017) Smithsonian

A historic look at Cleveland’s settlement houses (11/16/2017) Cleveland.com

From Desegregation to School Choice: How the Civil Rights Era Influenced the Cleveland Schools of Today (11/15/2017) Ideastream


At 100, the Cleveland Orchestra May (Quietly) Be America’s Best (1/22/2018) New York Times

The Secret Amazon Bid Dramatizes a Huge Cultural Problem in Cleveland. The Media Can Do Something About It (1/22/2018) Cleveland Scene

Ohio cities take tax fight with state to court (1/21/2018) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Cleveland Hopkins passenger volume tops 9 million for the first time since 2013 (1/19/2018) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Columbus makes Amazon first cut for second HQ (1/18/2018) Columbus Dispatch

US Supreme Court takes on internet sales tax case with implications for Ohio (1/18/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Controversial mayor’s courts abound in Cuyahoga County (1/17/2018) Cleveland.com

Justice Center to be Cuyahoga County’s most expensive endeavor (1/16/2018) Cleveland.com

Cleveland’s settlement houses persevere, even as they struggle with funding and obscurity (1/16/2018) Cleveland.com

RTA’s Long History Of Reliance On Sales Tax May Be Reaching Breaking Point (1/15/2018) Ideastream

The ‘build it and they will come period is over’ for downtown Cleveland apartment market (1/14/2018) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Charter school failure could be largest in Ohio history (1/12/2017) Dayton Daily News

Why GOP redistricting plan flunks test to rid Ohio of gerrymandering (1/11/2018) Cleveland.com

MetroHealth unveils plan to turn main campus into ‘hospital in a park’  (1/10/2018) Plain Dealer

RTA will make cuts because of lost taxes, counties struggle as well (1/9/2018) Plain Dealer

What attributes should a high school graduate have? It’s not just the “three R’s” anymore (1/7/2017) Plain Dealer

Ohio voter challenges election roll purge in U.S. Supreme Court clash (1/4/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Extended cold snap has water mains bursting around Greater Cleveland (1/4/2017) Cleveland.com

Transportation Official Worries About Funding For Ohio’s Roads (1/3/2017) WOSU

Test scores need to stay in teacher ratings, says Cleveland schools CEO (1/3/2017) Plain Dealer

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson sworn in for record fourth 4-year term in office (1/2/2017) Cleveland.com

MetroHealth’s new facilities give preview of what’s ahead for huge campus transformation (12/31/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Ohio poised to wrap 2017 with improved finances (12/29/2017) Toledo Blade

East Cleveland Budgets Within Recovery Plan, State Commission Say (12/29/2017) Ideastream

2017 In Review: What Ohio’s Legislature Did This Year (12/27/2017) WOSU

Charter school graduation rates way behind Ohio’s urban districts (12/26/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Cleveland reaches tipping point in 2017, planning a greener, healthier public realm (12/25/2017) Plain Dealer

Ohio Is At the Center of a National Debate Over Drawing Political lines (12/22/2017) WKSU

Opioid Crisis Exploding Numbers And Costs Of Foster Care In Ohio (12/21/2017) Ideastream

Census: Ohio gained more people in 2017 than other Midwest states (12/20/2017) Crain’s Detroit Business

Testing would have a smaller role in Ohio teacher evaluations under new bill (12/20/2017) Plain Dealer

Report: Ohio cities facing fiscal stress despite improving economy (12/19/2017) Dayton Daily News

75 Public Square in downtown Cleveland wins tax credits for revamp; Terminal Tower misses out (12/19/2017) Plain Dealer

Why Ohio health care startups saw a 206% funding increase in 2017 (12/18/2017) Venture Beat

Concerns raised over 2020 census accuracy, funding At stake: Ohio’s federally funded programs, clout in Washington (12/17/2017) Dayton Daily News

Who Uses the Great Lakes’ Water? (12/15/2017) Ideastream

Northeast Ohio house prices up 12.3 percent in November; sales jump (12/14/2017) Plain Dealer

Sales tax or property tax increase may be required to keep RTA viable, report says (12/13/2017) Cleveland.com

Ohio’s test score graduation requirements could be eased for classes of 2019 and 2020 (12/12/2017) Plain Dealer

Graduation rates rise again; Ohio ranks low for black students (12/12/2017) Dayton Daily News

Ohio DREAMers Face Uncertain Futures As DACA Permits Set To Expire (12/12/2017) WOSU

Nearly three months after Hurricane Maria, hundreds of Puerto Rican families continue to pour into Northeast Ohio, looking to escape the wreckage they left behind. (12/11/2017) Ideastream

Ohio schools dish out suspensions, other discipline at wildly different rates (12/10/2017) Plain Dealer

Public transit sputters as state funding falls short (12/9/2017) Crain’s Cleveland business

Projects to create protected bike lanes in Cleveland received a major boost Friday (12/8/2017) Plain Dealer

Education Advocacy Groups Want To Simplify Ohio School Report Cards (12/7/2017) WOSU

New supermarket coalition aims to improve access to healthy food in Cuyahoga County (12/6/2017) Plain Dealer

Gender wage gap in Ohio: ‘We have to do better’ (12/4/2017) Dayton Daily News

With driver’s license suspensions soaring, Ohio lawmakers seek solutions (12/2/2017) Dayton Daily News

County Council Considering Fixes For Cleveland Public Transit (12/1/2017) Ideastream

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News Aggregator “News” Archives 2017


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