Teaching Cleveland News Plain Dealing: Cleveland Journalists Tell Their Stories Authors: Dave Davis and Joan Mazzolini

Ironworkers placing the last steel beam in the Sohio building (200 Public Square), which was completed in 1985 #ThisWasCLE

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Plain Dealing: Cleveland Journalists Tell Their Stories Authors: Dave Davis and Joan Mazzolini

7 Local Architects, Planners and Experts on How They’d Fix Cleveland (7/24/2018) Cleveland Scene

What Happened When Violence Broke Out on Cleveland’s East Side 50 Years Ago? (7/24/2018) Smithsonian

Amazing Then and Now pictures of Cleveland landmarks (7/24/2018) Cleveland.com

‘Bad Day in Cleveland’: Roldo Bartimole’s 1969 Account of the Glenville Shootout for The Nation Magazine (7/23/2018) Cleveland Scene

July 23 marks 50-year anniversary of Glenville Riots: See vintage photos (7/23/2018) Cleveland.com

Video from the “Ohio Gun Laws” forum 7/17/2018

Summary article from “Ohio Gun Laws” forum (7/18/2018) Cleveland.com

Doan Brook flows through Cleveland’s history (7/16/2018) Cleveland.com

1960s Cleveland: Historic trip through Northeast Ohio (7/13/2018) Cleveland.com

An Essay on the Failed Amazon Bid and the Defective Philosophy Undermining Cleveland’s Progress by Sam Allard (7/13/2018) Cleveland Scene

New Triennial Offers Artists the Canvas of Cleveland (7/11/2018) New York Times

States Aren’t Waiting for the Supreme Court to Solve Gerrymandering. In Ohio, voters ratified a bipartisan deal that gives the minority party more say in how congressional maps are drawn by Erick Trickey (7/7/2018) Politico

Cleveland’s bold new vision? Aim to become The Medical Capital: Baiju R. Shah (Opinion) (6/30/2018) Cleveland.com

Find out if you are in danger of being purged from Ohio’s registered voter list (6/27/2018) Cleveland.com

Let’s launch inclusively, collectively, our 2030 movement for Cleveland’s future: editorial (6/25/2018) Cleveland.com

Envision A More Vibrant Ohio (6/21/2018) WYSO

Cleveland’s Population Could Hinge on Keeping or Attracting Young People Once They Start Having Kids (6/20/2018) Cleveland Scene

Ohio’s voter purges are wrong and discriminatory. Flawed Supreme Court ruling requires Congress to clarify the law: editorial (6/13/2018) Cleveland.com

100 years of Cleveland editorial cartoons (6/12/2018) Cleveland.com

Jon. J. Pinney talks at City Club of Cleveland about Cleveland’s underperformance vs. other peer midwest markets (video) (6/8/2018)

“We’re Getting Out Butts Kicked” (news story about above City Club speech by Jon J. Pinney (6/8/2018) Crain’s Cleveland Business


EPA gives central Ohio 3 years to meet air-quality standards (8/5/2018) Columbus Dispatch

Cuyahoga County voters will decide whether to grant subpoena power to inspector general (7/24/2018) Cleveland.com

Poll says majority of Northeast Ohioans want Medicare for all (7/24/2018) Cleveland.com

Outside money pours into Ohio special election (7/24/2018) CNN

Will Cincinnati’s bump stock ban get overturned? (7/23/2018) Cincinnati.com

Open Enrollment May Be Segregating Ohio’s Public Schools (7/23/2018) WOSU

City Of Cleveland Hopes To Be 100% Renewable By 2050 (7/20/2018) Ideastream

Peak Lake Erie algae season keeps scientists, politicians and lawyers busy (7/16/2018) Detroit Public TV

Supreme Court’s sales-tax ruling could mean millions for Ohio local governments (7/16/2018) Cleveland.com

Hunger afflicts kids in suburbs, too (7/15/2018) Columbus Dispatch

Dealing with another significant algal bloom (7/15/2018) Sandusky Register

Scuffles emerge over water Proposal could curtail what some cities consider price gouging (7/15/2018) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Ohio senators confront devastation of pension crisis (7/14/2018) Columbus Dispatch

Tougher new graduation standards would have blocked a third – or even half – of diplomas in some urban areas (7/13/2018) Plain Dealer

Campaigns For Governor Come Out Swinging On Medicaid Expansion (7/13/2018) Statehouse News

Judge rules Columbus bump stock ban violates Ohio law (7/13/2018) CityBeat

State school report cards: Group wants Ohio to dump A-F letter grades (7/12/2018) Dayton Daily News

Kasich Signs Order That Could Set New Rules On Fertilizer Use To Stop Algae Blooms (7/11/2018) Ideastream

Ohio’s rainy day fund grows to nearly $2.7 billion (7/11/2018) Cleveland.com

New version of payday loan bill could make Ohio a national model, reform advocates say (7/11/2018) Cleveland.com

All 11 Cuyahoga County Council members sponsor proposed charter amendment granting subpoena power to inspector general (7/10/2018) Cleveland.com

Ohio teacher evaluations get an overhaul teachers like (7/1/2018) Columbus Dispatch

State will study effect of school ‘takeovers,’ but not halt them (6/29/2018) Plain Dealer

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson warns that Statehouse proposal on water rates would hurt region’s poorest residents (6/29/2018) Cleveland.com

Bills Changing Ohio’s Online Charter School System are Sent to Kasich’s Desk (6/28/2018) WKSU

Money in politics: Here’s a list of Ohio’s top political donors (6/28/2018) Cleveland.com

Ohio lawmakers OK $114.5 million for new voting machines (6/27/2018) Cleveland.com

Recycling answers hard to obtain amid contradictory information (6/27/2018) Plain Dealer

100K Ohio Kids Could Go Uncounted in 2020 Census (6/27/2018) Ideastream

Full shutdown at Davis-Besse to take decades (6/26/2018) Toledo Blade

Vote on Ohio’s ‘stand your ground’ bill delayed until fall (6/25/2018) Canton Repository

CBRE is Marketing the Scranton Peninsula as ‘Thunderbird,’ a Bespoke Cleveland Neighborhood (6/25/2018) Cleveland Scene

In Ohio, children of workplace immigration raids await their fate (6/24/2018) Associated Press

Ohio Has Become Ground Zero for ICE’s Workplace Raids (6/22/2018) Cleveland Scene

Columbus And Cincinnati Sued Over Gun Control Laws (6/21/2018) WOSU

Smart Corridor Could Forever Change Ohio Transportation (6/18/2018) GovTech

Ohio looks toward future of e-schools as ECOT assets are sold off (6/18/2018) Plain Dealer

Budish looks to refresh Cuyahoga County’s economic development plan (6/17/2018) Crain’s Cleveland Business

The state school board passed higher standards for the nearly 90 dropout intervention charter schools statewide (6/17/2018) Plain Dealer

Lakefront Erosion Causes Concern In Euclid (6/14/2018) Ideastream

What Cleveland is doing to protect Lake Erie from plastic pollution (6/14/2018) Cleveland.com

Emotional, leadership and critical thinking skills are officially equal goals for Ohio’s schools as math and English (6/13/2018) Plain Dealer

Budish-Backed County Code Would Prohibit Discrimination Based On Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation (6/12/2018) Ideastream

Trade war with Canada would be costly for export-driven Ohio economy (6/11/2018) Columbus Dispatch

Proposed Ohio BOE Recommendation Would End A-F Grades (6/10/2018) Ideastream

John Kasich, Rare Outspoken GOP Gerrymandering Critic, Faces A Test At Home (6/10/2018) Huffington Post

What about Solo cups and coffee lids? Recycling confusion cleared up in Cuyahoga County (6/10/2018) Plain Dealer

Ohio Lags In Spending On Students For Higher Education (6/9/2018) Patch

Northeast Ohio lacks vision, clear economic plan, some leaders say (6/8/2018) Plain Dealer

Major changes likely coming to Ohio’s child support system (6/7/2018) Dayton Daily News

After a two-month hiatus, Ohio House votes on a whopping 28 bills (6/7/2018) Columbus Dipsatch

Cleveland Public Schools Lost $39 Million to ECOT Since 2012, According to Report (6/7/2018) Cleveland Scene

ICE’s increased enforcement brings Trump’s immigration policies to northern Ohio (6/5/2018) Cleveland.com

Business, civic reps say Northeast Ohio has a leadership ‘vacuum’ (6/3/2018) Crain’s Cleveland Business

NBA Finals fatigue? Early returns on Cavs-Warriors Part IV say not exactly (6/3/2018) Washington Post

Downtown Columbus workers begin using free Cpass bus program (6/2/2018) Columbus Dispatch

New poll shows Sherrod Brown leading Senate race, Mike DeWine on top in governor’s (6/1/2018) Cleveland.com

Ohio to offer new driver’s licenses July 2 (6/1/2018) Columbus Dispatch

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