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Ironworkers placing the last steel beam in the Sohio building (200 Public Square), which was completed in 1985 #ThisWasCLE

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“Opportunity Corridor —will the opportunity be realized?” a forum on February 21, 2018

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Can Opportunity Corridor be a boon, not a boondoggle? Free panel discussion Wednesday at CWRU (2/19/2018) Plain Dealer

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of Interest to Northeast Ohio

Rust and Renewal: A Cleveland Retrospective (2/2018) Cleveland Federal Reserve

Roldo Bartimole Marks 50 Years As Cleveland’s Watchdog Journalist (2/19/2018) Ideastream

The infamous “Snake by the Lake” 9th Congressional District may have been put back in its box this week. Read more here (cartoon by Kirk Walters, Toledo Blade)

Woodmere and its connection to Northeast Ohio black history (2/16/2018) Cleveland.com

The Science Behind Balto’s Famous Journey That Took Place 93 Years Ago (2/15/2018) Inverse Science

Frank C. Cain, Cleveland Heights, and the Suburban Vision by Marian J. Morton (Feb 2018)

Ohio congressional redistricting deal a surprise victory for reform: editorial 2/6/2018 Cleveland.com

(After nearly 40 years) Dennis Kucinich’s City Hall portrait is ready (2/2/2018) Cleveland Magazine

Cleveland’s Ned Jordan ran an advertisement in 1923 that forever changed the automobile industry. It didn’t focus on price, engine size or features. It sold a feeling. (2/1/2018) Ohio Magazine

Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo, from inception to end: A timeline (1/29/2018) Cleveland.com

Ohio’s very high-stakes, under-the-radar Senate race, explained (1/26/2018) Vox

“Is Northeast Ohio a Sanctuary Region? Where does our region stand on immigration?” (1/16/2018) video

Cleveland founder shares what his startup community gets right and wrong (1/9/2018) Venture Beat

What the Cuyahoga River Means to Cleveland (January) Cleveland Magazine

Untouchables: The Making of the Memoir That Reclaimed a Prohibition-Era Legend (12/27/2017) Vanity Fair

In the sales pitch to Amazon, a reimagined downtown Detroit (12/20/2017) Crain’s Detroit Business

What’s really behind GCRTA’s falling ridership levels (12/17/2017) Tim Kovach

The Cosgrove era comes to a close (12/11/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

How a Cleveland City Council Campaign Fund Rewards Allies and Stifles Dissent (12/6/2017) Cleveland Scene

In Today’s Ohio, ‘Home Rule’ Is Not About Cities Being Self-Governed; It’s Cover For State Officials Moving Economic Growth To The Exurbs by Tom Bier (12/5/2017) Belt

Ohio is watching a “transit death spiral” unfold (12/4/2017) Mark Lefkowitz Green City Blue Lake

Cleveland’s Outer Neighborhoods Could Be The Key To The Future (12/4/2017) Cleveland Magazine

Leonor’s Choice (11/20/2017) Cleveland Magazine

Video from the “2018 Ohio Political Crystal Ball” forum (11/17/2017)

The Man Dead Set On Building an Offshore Wind Farm on Lake Erie (11/17/2017) Smithsonian

A historic look at Cleveland’s settlement houses (11/16/2017) Cleveland.com

From Desegregation to School Choice: How the Civil Rights Era Influenced the Cleveland Schools of Today (11/15/2017) Ideastream


Some Ohio Community Colleges Could Soon Offer Bachelor’s Degrees  (2/20/2018) WOSU

MAY 8, 2018 PRIMARY ELECTION Issues List from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections (2/19/2018)

MAY 8, 2018 PRIMARY ELECTION Candidate List from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections (2/19/2018)

Northeast Ohio Angling For Piece Of Multibillion-Dollar Film Industry (2/19/2018) WOSU

Ohio will try to exempt residents from Obamacare mandate to get insurance, and add work requirement for some on Medicaid (2/16/2018) Cleveland.com

MetroHealth’s finances are looking good (2/16/2018) Modern Healthcare

NOACA signs agreement with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to explore Cleveland-Chicago routes (2/15/2018) Plain Dealer

Helping students? Or power grab? Governor would take power from elected state school board members in merger (2/15/2018) Plain Dealer

Opportunity Corridor is back on track for 2021 completion after delay caused by taxpayer lawsuit (2/14/2018) Plain Dealer

Half of Ohio is an ICE ‘Border Zone’ — Here Are the Rights Immigrants Should Know (2/9/2018) Cleveland Scene

Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish is unopposed for re-election (2/7/2018) Cleveland.com

Four judges file for two Ohio Supreme Court seats (2/7/2018) Cleveland.com

Down ticket Ohio races feature a few May primaries (2/7/2018) Cleveland.com

Ohio Senate passes bipartisan congressional redistricting plan (2/5/2018) Cleveland.com

Cleveland Hopkins to update master plan in wake of dramatic changes at airport (2/4/2018) Plain Dealer

Will lack of LGBT protections cost Ohio Amazon HQ2, other business? (2/3/2018) Columbus Dispatch

State Auditor To Push For One-Time Audit Of JobsOhio (2/1/2018) WOSU

Ohio Supreme Court rules against Cleveland’s efforts at local gun control (1/31/2018) Cleveland.com

Despite state, local efforts, human trafficking jumps by 38% in Ohio (1/30/2018) Columbus Dispatch

Chief Wahoo, the longtime logo of the Indians, will be gone after the 2018 season (1/29/2018) Cleveland.com

Cleveland’s inner-ring suburbs still hurting from the housing bust, despite addressing blight (1/28/2018) Plain Dealer

After robust 2017, Port Authority anxiously awaits U.S. decision on tariffs (1/28/2018) Crain’s Cleveland Business

More Lake Erie walleye caught in 2017 than in 30 prior years (1/26/2018) Buffalo News

FirstEnergy executive: Davis-Besse plant headed for premature closure (1/25/18) Toledo Blade

‘Right to work’ could be on the ballot in Ohio with support from lawmakers (1/24/2018) Cleveland.com

Court-enforced Cleveland police reforms continue to be a mixed bag, monitor says (1/24/2018) Cleveland.com

Ohio among northern states to lose another U.S. House seat after next census (1/23/2018) Cleveland.com

Cuyahoga County seeks two-year renewal of health and human services tax (1/23/2018) Cleveland.com

Davis-Besse, Perry nuclear plants could close as FirstEnergy inks deal with hedge funds (1/23/2018) Plain Dealer

At 100, the Cleveland Orchestra May (Quietly) Be America’s Best (1/22/2018) New York Times

The Secret Amazon Bid Dramatizes a Huge Cultural Problem in Cleveland. The Media Can Do Something About It (1/22/2018) Cleveland Scene

Ohio cities take tax fight with state to court (1/21/2018) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Cleveland Hopkins passenger volume tops 9 million for the first time since 2013 (1/19/2018) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Columbus makes Amazon first cut for second HQ (1/18/2018) Columbus Dispatch

US Supreme Court takes on internet sales tax case with implications for Ohio (1/18/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Controversial mayor’s courts abound in Cuyahoga County (1/17/2018) Cleveland.com

Justice Center to be Cuyahoga County’s most expensive endeavor (1/16/2018) Cleveland.com

Cleveland’s settlement houses persevere, even as they struggle with funding and obscurity (1/16/2018) Cleveland.com

RTA’s Long History Of Reliance On Sales Tax May Be Reaching Breaking Point (1/15/2018) Ideastream

The ‘build it and they will come period is over’ for downtown Cleveland apartment market (1/14/2018) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Charter school failure could be largest in Ohio history (1/12/2017) Dayton Daily News

Why GOP redistricting plan flunks test to rid Ohio of gerrymandering (1/11/2018) Cleveland.com

MetroHealth unveils plan to turn main campus into ‘hospital in a park’  (1/10/2018) Plain Dealer

RTA will make cuts because of lost taxes, counties struggle as well (1/9/2018) Plain Dealer

What attributes should a high school graduate have? It’s not just the “three R’s” anymore (1/7/2017) Plain Dealer

Ohio voter challenges election roll purge in U.S. Supreme Court clash (1/4/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Extended cold snap has water mains bursting around Greater Cleveland (1/4/2017) Cleveland.com

Transportation Official Worries About Funding For Ohio’s Roads (1/3/2017) WOSU

Test scores need to stay in teacher ratings, says Cleveland schools CEO (1/3/2017) Plain Dealer

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson sworn in for record fourth 4-year term in office (1/2/2017) Cleveland.com

MetroHealth’s new facilities give preview of what’s ahead for huge campus transformation (12/31/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Ohio poised to wrap 2017 with improved finances (12/29/2017) Toledo Blade

East Cleveland Budgets Within Recovery Plan, State Commission Say (12/29/2017) Ideastream

2017 In Review: What Ohio’s Legislature Did This Year (12/27/2017) WOSU

Charter school graduation rates way behind Ohio’s urban districts (12/26/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Cleveland reaches tipping point in 2017, planning a greener, healthier public realm (12/25/2017) Plain Dealer

Ohio Is At the Center of a National Debate Over Drawing Political lines (12/22/2017) WKSU

Opioid Crisis Exploding Numbers And Costs Of Foster Care In Ohio (12/21/2017) Ideastream

Census: Ohio gained more people in 2017 than other Midwest states (12/20/2017) Crain’s Detroit Business

Testing would have a smaller role in Ohio teacher evaluations under new bill (12/20/2017) Plain Dealer

Report: Ohio cities facing fiscal stress despite improving economy (12/19/2017) Dayton Daily News

75 Public Square in downtown Cleveland wins tax credits for revamp; Terminal Tower misses out (12/19/2017) Plain Dealer

Why Ohio health care startups saw a 206% funding increase in 2017 (12/18/2017) Venture Beat

Concerns raised over 2020 census accuracy, funding At stake: Ohio’s federally funded programs, clout in Washington (12/17/2017) Dayton Daily News

Who Uses the Great Lakes’ Water? (12/15/2017) Ideastream

Northeast Ohio house prices up 12.3 percent in November; sales jump (12/14/2017) Plain Dealer

Sales tax or property tax increase may be required to keep RTA viable, report says (12/13/2017) Cleveland.com

Ohio’s test score graduation requirements could be eased for classes of 2019 and 2020 (12/12/2017) Plain Dealer

Graduation rates rise again; Ohio ranks low for black students (12/12/2017) Dayton Daily News

Ohio DREAMers Face Uncertain Futures As DACA Permits Set To Expire (12/12/2017) WOSU

Nearly three months after Hurricane Maria, hundreds of Puerto Rican families continue to pour into Northeast Ohio, looking to escape the wreckage they left behind. (12/11/2017) Ideastream

Ohio schools dish out suspensions, other discipline at wildly different rates (12/10/2017) Plain Dealer

Public transit sputters as state funding falls short (12/9/2017) Crain’s Cleveland business

Projects to create protected bike lanes in Cleveland received a major boost Friday (12/8/2017) Plain Dealer

Education Advocacy Groups Want To Simplify Ohio School Report Cards (12/7/2017) WOSU

New supermarket coalition aims to improve access to healthy food in Cuyahoga County (12/6/2017) Plain Dealer

Gender wage gap in Ohio: ‘We have to do better’ (12/4/2017) Dayton Daily News

With driver’s license suspensions soaring, Ohio lawmakers seek solutions (12/2/2017) Dayton Daily News

County Council Considering Fixes For Cleveland Public Transit (12/1/2017) Ideastream

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News Aggregator “News” Archives 2017


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