Steel Industry in Cleveland aggregation

1 100 Years of Steel in Cleveland

2 History of Ohio Steelmaking

3 “Iron and Steel Industry” from the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

4 “The State of Ohio’s Steel Industry” by Edward W. Hill, Iryna Lendel and Fran Stewart (9.1.12)

5 “Little Steel Wars: The Union Strikes Back” by Vincent Prochoroff, Gus Hatch, George Schmidt (Video)

Henry Chisholm from the Ency of Cleveland History

Henry Chisholm, the Father of Cleveland’s Steel Industry

8 “Heart of Steel” series about Cleveland Steel Industry from October 2016

Cleveland steel goes from prosperity to struggles to pride again: PD 175th

HEART-OF-STEEL Cleveland’s Steel Industry October 2016


The Van Sweringen aggregation

1 The Vans. . .Veni, Vidi, Vici by George E. Condon
2 Van Sweringen Brothers from Wikipedia
3 Depression Derailed Van Sweringen Express PD 6.2.1996
4 “Enter the Van Sweringen Brothers”
5 Chapter 15 The Years Were Good: The Autobiography of Louis B. Seltzer
6 Terminal Tower – Opening Day
7 Cleveland’s Terminal Tower: The Forest City Acquires a Metropolitan Image
8 “Train Dreams” by Pete Beaty from Belt Magazine
9 Deferring Dreams: Racial and Religious Covenants in Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland, 1925 to 1970 By Marian Morton

10. “Invisible Giants: the empires of Cleveland’s Van Sweringen brothers” first chapter


Invisible Giants: the empires of Cleveland’s Van Sweringen brothers By Herbert H. Harwood