Carl Stokes aggregation

1 “The Election That Changed Cleveland Forever” by Michael D. Roberts
2 “It Seems the Race Issue is With Us” Andrew Glass, Washington Post (10/30/1967)
3 Eyes on the Prize – Episode 9 “Power!” (1967–1968)
4 The New Mayor Brought Hope, But Did the Dreams Die? by Margaret Bernstein, Sarah Crump and April McClellan-Copeland
5 The Man, the Strategy and the Seismic Shift by Brent Larkin
6 Carl B. Stokes from the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
7 Carl Stokes Talks About His Careers as a News Anchor, Mayor and Judge (CSPAN 10.30.84)
8 Money and Mobilization: Volunteers in the Stokes Mayoral Campaign by Elis Ribeiro
9 Carl Stokes: Reflections of a veteran political observer by Brent Larkin

10 Carl Stokes Funeral Program

11 Classic Debate Between Cleveland mayoral candidates Carl Stokes and Seth Taft Cleveland City Club Nov 4, 1967 (Audio)

12 Mayoral Candidate Carl Stokes Speaks at the Cleveland City Club 9.15.67 (Audio)

13 Carl Stokes and Ralph Locher at Cleveland City Club 7/9/1971 (Audio)

14 Stokes Era Comes to An End (Plain Dealer 1.18.1998)

15 Excellent collection of essays about Carl Stokes from in 2007 “Carl Stokes: Profile of the Pioneer”

Carl Stokes: Profile of a pioneer

Excellent collection of essays about Carl Stokes from in 2007

Carl Stokes: Profile of a pioneer 11/4/2007
The link is here

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Editorial: Battling status quo, making a difference

Dick Feagler: Carl Stokes’ bright star rolled back the gloom – for a time

Phillip Morris: Pool analogy apt for Carl Stokes’ finesse

Thomas Suddes: The first barrier Carl Stokes broke was in the Statehouse

In-depth: Listen to the voices of people who lived the days of change, see photos and much more.


Martin Luther King in Cleveland aggregation

Video Vault: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Cleveland from WEWS

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech Here in 1967 Remembered by Those Who Were There – Plain Dealer

Martin Luther King Jr. in Cleveland: Hear His Voice Ring Out Again – Plain Dealer

Photos of Martin Luther King Jr. in Cleveland – Plain Dealer

Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech at Glenville High School preserved on little-known recording (audio) – Plain Dealer

Martin Luther King Jr. in Cleveland: How The Plain Dealer Covered Him

King’s Speech – Cleveland Magazine

When Martin Luther King Jr. Brought His Fight to Cleveland- Ideastream 1/16/2017

Cuyahoga River Fire aggregation

1 How a Burning River Helped Create the Clean Water Act 4.17.15 (Allegheny Front)
2 The fable of the burning river, 45 years later Washington Post 6.22.2014
3 After the flames: The story behind the 1969 Cuyahoga River fire and its recovery (Plain Dealer 1/4/2009)
4 Cuyahoga River Fire From Cleveland Historical
5 “Burn On, Big River…” Cuyahoga River Fires The Pop History Dig
6 Cuyahoga River from Wikipedia
7 History Day Website on The Cuyahoga River Fire
8 Growth of The Cuyahoga River: The Ebb and Flow of the River
9 Don’t Fall in the River

10 Cuyahoga River Documentaries

11 Cuyahoga River Online Exhibit from the Great Lakes Industrial History Center.

12 Cuyahoga River Restoration

13 Along the Cuyahoga Audio Program from WCPN