An Examination of Merrick House, by Sara K. Montagno

Settlement Houses, Changing Neighborhoods, and Adaptation for Survival: An Examination of Merrick House in Cleveland’s Tremont Neighborhood and Its Place in the Wider Context of the Social Reforms of the United States, 1919-1961

by Sara K. Montagno, Case Western Reserve University School of Graduate Studies
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Founded in 1919, Merrick House has served the residents of Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood continuously for one hundred years. Despite the longevity of this settlement house, there has been no substantial scholarly works published on its history. This thesis focuses on contextualizing the founding of Merrick House and its operation over roughly forty years in the same neighborhood within the national settlement movement of the early twentieth century. It also explores the significance of Catholicism within the institution and its close association with the Christ Child Society of Greater Cleveland through the examination of manuscript collections held by the Western Reserve Historical Society as well as a variety of published sources.

Case Western Reserve University School of Graduate Studies


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