1 Newton D. Baker – The Civil Warrior (documentary)
2 “Cleveland in 1912” Lecture by Dr. John J. Grabowski
3 African-Americans in Cleveland Documentary
4 Cleveland Economic History Documentary
5 Lake Erie Documentaries
6 A History of Roman Catholic Cleveland: Lecture by Dr. John Grabowski
7 Civil War Period News Story
8 James A Garfield Documentary
9 John D. Rockefeller Documentaries
10 Flora and Samuel Mather Documentaries
11 Tom L. Johnson Documentaries
12  Cleveland Politician Interview Series
13 Howard Metzenbaum Courthouse Documentary
14 Garret Morgan Documentary
15 Cleveland Clinic Documentary
16 Francis Payne Bolton Documentary
17 1948 Cleveland Indians Documentaries
18 Rock and Roll Cleveland Documentaries
19 Viktor Schreckengost Documentary
20 1960s in Cleveland Documentary from WVIZ
21 Cuyahoga River Documentaries
22 Hough and Glenville Riots Documentaries
23 Muni Light News Story
24 Louis and Carl Stokes Documentaries
25 Playhouse Square Documentaries

26 Video From The Newton D. Baker Symposium (April 19, 2015)


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