Mark Hanna aggregation

1 Mark Hanna. The Clevelander Who Made a President by Joe Frolik
2 A Couple of Giants: Mark Hanna and Tom Johnson
3 Hanna Led Nation from the Plain Dealer
4 The Power Brokers – Glory Days of the Political Bosses
5 Hanna Was At The Forefront of U.S., City Politics
6 Boss Hanna
7 Mark Hanna’s Goal: American Harmony
8 Mark Hanna vs. Tom L. Johnson by George E. Condon
9 Marcus Alonzo Hanna: his life and work By Herbert David Croly
10 The Election of 1896 – Plain Dealer May 19, 1996
11 Mark Hanna from Citizendium
12 Mark Hanna and the Transformation of the Republican Party
13 Marcus A. Hanna Biography
14 The Republican Party in 1896
15 Marcus A. Hanna and Theodore E. Burton
16 What Mark Hanna Said to Attorney General Watson


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