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Can’t You Hear the 1948 Whistle Blowin’ 10.27.16 (New York Times)


Cleveland Indians in 1948: A Story of Integration 10.24.16 (New York Times)


Everything You Want to Know About Swing State Ohio, But Were Afraid to Ask 10.20.16 (Fortune)


“Heart of Steel” Series from Plain Dealer About Steel Industry in Cleveland 10.16.16 (Plain Dealer)


Video from the “Marijuana Legalization in Ohio” Forum w/Moderator Jackie Borchardt, 10.13.16


Confessions of a Rust Belt Orphan (or how I learned to stop worrying and love Akron) by Jason Segedy 10.12.16 (Cleveland Scene)


The Importance of “Ground Game” in Ohio President Campaigns 10.9.16 (Bloomberg)


Collinwood 1908: Bringing a Fire Back into History 10.6.16 (Belt)


So Now We Know For Sure: Mansfield Frazier 10.2.16 (Cool Cleveland) 


“Voter Registration in Ohio” a Short History by Michael Curtin 9.25.16


Video from Eastside Candidate Forum at Brush High School 9.22.16


Midwest Lawschools and Their Students Adapt to New Realities 9.21.16 (Cleveland Scene)


Video from “Hough: A Short Look to the Past, a Long Look to the Future” 9.19.16 (City Club)


Video from “Lake Erie and Cuyahoga River Water Quality” Forum on 9.15.16


“Presidents and Health: How James A. Garfield’s Death Changed American Medicine  9.14.16 (


The Rise and Fall of Geauga Lake Park”-video 9.9.16 (



Louis Stokes Autobiography “The Gentleman from Ohio” Part 1 is here  Part 2 is here


“Redistricting and Voting Rights in Ohio” Forum (Video) 8.25.16


Cleveland Metro Economic Performance is Mixed, According Cleveland Federal Reserve 8.25.16


On the Cusp: Cleveland’s Larchmere Neighborhood 8.24.16 (Belt)


How Milwaukee Shook Off the Rust 8.23.16 (Politico)


Cleaving the Crooked Mirror: What’s Really Behind the East and West Side Rivalry in Cleveland 8.17.16 (Thrillist)


Morgan Street Cemetary in Ohio City Steeped in History, Architecture 8.3.16 (


Great Lakes Exposition: A World’s Fair to Remember Opened 80 Years Ago This summer: photos 7.28.16 (


It’s Time to Retire Tired Talk About the “Rust Belt” 7.27.16 (CBS Marketwatch)


In Cleveland’s Public Square, Rights are Exercised. Loudly 7.26.16 (New York Times)


Cleveland was the Original Motor City (Ringer) 7.18.16


A Visual History of Streetcars and Trolleys in Cleveland 7.14.16 (


Cleveland Rising? by Alex Baca 7.14.16 (American Conservative)


The Forgotten Fastest Man by Daniel McGraw 7.12.16 (theundefeated)


Hough: Before and Beyond. A Series on Cleveland’s Hough Neighborhood 50 Years After the 1966 Riots (Ideastream)


When Cleveland Became a “Convention City” 7.11.16 (Belt)

The Challenge of Keeping Black Families From Leaving the Midwest 7.5.16 (Atlantic)

Chasing the Ghosts of Coventry Village by Brad Masi 6.30.16 (Belt)

“Cleveland and the Great War” by Kevin Naughton June, 2016 (Pressure Life)

Public Square Renovation, From Beginning to End (

“Titles and Tears” an essay by Joe Posnanski 6.20.16 (NBC)

David Morgenthaler, “Cleveland’s Quiet Business Visionary” Dies 6.17.16 Read More

How Cincinnati Salvaged the Nation’s Most Dangerous Neighborhood 6.16.16 (Politico) 

The Preacher Who Took on the Police. Cop shootings Have Torn Apart Cleveland. Jawanza Colvin is Trying to Root Out Racism from Legal System 6.16.16 (Politico) 

George Voinovich, Former Cleveland Mayor, Ohio Governor, U.S. Senator Dies 6.12.16 (

Teaching Cleveland Digital Interview with Senator George Voinovich (2014)  

The Ingredients of George Voinovich’s Success as Ohio’s Governor: Tom Suddes (

George Voinovich, Former Cleveland Mayor, Ohio Governor, U.S. Senator Dies 6.12.16 ( 

A Photo History of University Circle 6.8.16 (

Springfield Ohio Middle Class, Incomes Hardest Hit in U.S., Study Finds 6.5.16 (Dayton Daily News) 

A Visual History of the Detroit Superior Bridge 6.1.16 ( 


Opinion Essay on Northeast Ohio Regionalism Written by a Student at St. Ignatius High School 5.29.16


A Photo History of Cleveland’s Playhouse Square; Rise, Decline and Rebirth 5.27.16


Oberlin College: The Big Uneasy: What’s Roiling the Liberal Arts College 5.23.16 New York Magazine


Video from “Republican National Convention: What’s in it for Cleveland” forum 5.17.18


Video from “Cleveland’s Radio Superstars” 5.16.16


University Hospitals Marks 150 in 2016; a Historical Photo Essay 5.13.16


Learn More About Republican National Convention’s Impact on Cleveland 5.11.16


Go Hug a Tree. You Just Might Live Longer. Once Upon a Time, Cleveland was the Forest City. -Tim Kovach 4.30.16


Regional Alignment Not Competition: How Greater Milwaukee is Remaking Economic Development (Brookings)


Playhouse Square Founding Father, David O. Frazier is Honored, Remembered 4.28.2016 (


Revisiting Hough: Manfield Frazier 4.27.16 (Cool Cleveland)


Cleveland’s Public Square: Two Centuries of Transformation by Mark Souther April 2016 (Cleveland State University)


Two “Unlikely” Blockbuster Empressarios’ from Cleveland Energe as the “Future of Hollywood” 4.25.16 (Crain’s Cleveland Business) 


Video from “Van Aken Project” Forum 4.21.16


Will the Shaker Van Aken Project Succeed? Preview of Thursday 4/21 Free Forum: Steven Litt (


Ohio Won’t Save NE Ohio Public Transit, So Let’s Tax Parking to Fund it Instead: Tim Kovach (opinion) 4.8.16


Sculpted Landscapes: Art and Place in Cleveland’s Cultural Gardens (1916-2006) by Prof Mark Tebeau (CSU)


Coldest Opening Day Since 1907 4.19.1907 (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Jim Rokakis Talks about NE Ohio Housing, Tree Canopy and Other Issues at 1st Unitarian Church 4.3.16 (Video) 

Metro Cleveland Population Loss Dampens Growth 3.30.16 (Cleveland Federal Reserve)

A Contested Republican Convention in Cleveland? What You Need to Know 3.29.16 (Plain Dealer/ 

No New Confirmed Aquatic Invasive Species in Great Lakes for 10 Years 3.29.16 (Duluth News Tribune)

Labor Markets are Getting Close to Maximum Employment in Many Parts of Our Region 3.28.16 (Cleveland Fed) 

Your City is Not the Next Silicon Valley by Richey Piiparinen 3.9.16 (Cleveland State University)

Greater Cleveland Employment Trends: 2014 and 2015  -March 2016 (Cleveland State University) 

“Viktor Schreckengost-The Exchange of Art with the Everyday” – winner of the 2016 Teaching Cleveland website award at History Day 3.5.16

2016 Ohio Primary Discussion with Brent Larkin and Mark Naymik 3.2.16 (Video)

Video of Three Ohio Democratic Senate Candidates at Endorsement Meeting released 3.1.16 (

New Images Reveal True Impact of Freeways on Cleveland’s Neighborhoods 2.25.16 (Freshwater)

A Walk Through North Collinwood 2.24.16 (Belt) 

Candidates for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Debate at the Cleveland City Club: Timothy McGinty v. Michael O’Malley: Video 2.23.16 (City Club)


Is Waterfront Development Paying Off? Nine Takeaways From LWV Forum: Steven Litt 2.15.16 (Plain Dealer/


How Local Media Coverage is Forcing Cleveland to Finally Fix Its Lead Problem 2.9.16 (Columbia Journalism Review)


Roundwood Manor: Poignant Legacy of the Van Sweringens; What to do With it Now? Steven Litt 2.4.16 (Plain Dealer/


Once Famous for Beer, Milwaukee Now Bets on Water 1.26.16 (Marketplace)


The Striking Similarities of the Browns’ Move to Baltimore and the Rams Move to L.A. 1.16.16 (Baltimore Sun)


5 Facts About Brokered Presidential Conventions: Could We Have One in Cleveland This Summer? 1.8.16 (Dayton Daily News)


What Would it Take to Fix Cleveland’s Roads?: Angie Schmidt 1.4.16 (City Club)


Correcting For Bias: Mansfield Frazier 1.2.16 (Cool Cleveland)


Republican Lawyer Details Three Scenerios for 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Two of them are in “Uncharted Territory” 12.29.15 (Politico)


Cleveland Puts More Kids in Strong Preschools, Thousands Still Shut Out 12.20.15 (Plain Dealer/


The Coldest Darn Place in the World: The Great Lakes Bowl 12.16.15 (Belt)


Will Cleveland 2016 Be 1968 Chicago? 12.14.15 (Next City)


You Green Boy: An Essay on the Flats: Lee Chilcote 12.5.15 (Cleveland Scene)


What Would Dr. King Do?: Mansfield Frazier 11.23.15 (Cool Cleveland)


The Cleveland Mafia: The End of an Era and Demise of a Don Plain Dealer/ (11.23.15)


Vacant Houses, Blighted Buildings Still Plague Cleveland, But Problem is Shrinking Plain Dealer/ (11.21.15)


Video From the “Housing Crisis” Forum Moderated by Brent Larkin (10.7.15)


Toxic Neglect: Curing Cleveland’s Legacy of Lead Poisoning Plain Dealer/ (10.20.15)


Video From the “How to Become An Education Activist in Northeast Ohio” Forum Moderated by Jill Miller Zimon (8.19.15)


Video From the “Land Use in Cuyahoga County” Forum Moderated by Steven Litt (7.29.15)


Video From the Regionalism Forum with County Executive Armond Budish, Regional Coordinator Eddy Kraus and Moderator Tom Beres (6.17.15)


Regionalism in Northeast Ohio-Material on the Subject From the Past 10+ Years

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