News Aggregator Archives: FEATURE area 2017

News Aggregator Archives: FEATURE area 2017

Untouchables: The Making of the Memoir That Reclaimed a Prohibition-Era Legend (12/27/2017) Vanity Fair

In the sales pitch to Amazon, a reimagined downtown Detroit (12/20/2017) Crain’s Detroit Business

What’s really behind GCRTA’s falling ridership levels (12/17/2017) Tim Kovach

The Cosgrove era comes to a close (12/11/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

How a Cleveland City Council Campaign Fund Rewards Allies and Stifles Dissent (12/6/2017) Cleveland Scene

In Today’s Ohio, ‘Home Rule’ Is Not About Cities Being Self-Governed; It’s Cover For State Officials Moving Economic Growth To The Exurbs by Tom Bier (12/5/2017) Belt

Ohio is watching a “transit death spiral” unfold (12/4/2017) Mark Lefkowitz Green City Blue Lake

Cleveland’s Outer Neighborhoods Could Be The Key To The Future (12/4/2017) Cleveland Magazine

Leonor’s Choice (11/20/2017) Cleveland Magazine

Video from the “2018 Ohio Political Crystal Ball” forum (11/17/2017)

The Man Dead Set On Building an Offshore Wind Farm on Lake Erie (11/17/2017) Smithsonian

A historic look at Cleveland’s settlement houses (11/16/2017)

From Desegregation to School Choice: How the Civil Rights Era Influenced the Cleveland Schools of Today (11/15/2017) Ideastream

Innovations from Cleveland’s urban farms are taking root around the world (11/9/2017) FreshWater

43 photos honoring the 50th anniversary of Carl Stokes election as Mayor of Cleveland (11/9/2017)

The 50 Year Policy Legacy of Mayor Carl B. Stokes-video (11/3/2017) City Club of Cleveland

Video from “Nuts and Bolts of Ohio Campaign Finance” forum 10/26/2017

Taking On the Man Four Women Vying for Seats on a Male-Dominated Cleveland City Council (10/25/2017) Cleveland Scene

Doing urban history in Cleveland-a personal reflection: Todd Michney (10/19/2017) The Metropole

Video from “Home Rule” forum at Lakewood Library (10/17/2017)

Redistricting ‘reform’ brought to you by Ohio GOP leaders scared of a ballot issue: editorial (10/11/2017)

Why Ohio’s recent effort to update its constitution fell short: Steven H. Steinglass (10/8/2017)

“People were saying nice things about Cleveland again”: reflecting on Carl Stokes and city image by J. Mark Souther (10/5/2017) Metropole

Housing Dynamics in Northeast Ohio: Setting the Stage for Resurgence by Thomas Bier (September 2017) Cleveland State

Video from “Race and infant mortality in NE Ohio: why are black babies dying more and what can be done” forum (9/27/2017)

Why a Cleveland Church Group Challenged Big Stadium Money by Daniel J. McGraw (9/26/2017) Next City

Why the Midwest can’t afford new cuts to immigration (9/26/2017) Chicago Business

Video from “Ohio Board of Education” forum (9/25/2017)

Shock swept nation when My Lai massacre photos first published by The Plain Dealer (9/24/207) Plain Dealer

Video from “Ohio Drug Price Act-Issue 2” forum (9/19/2017)

How to Save a Dying Suburb (9/19/2017) CityLab

On the 40th anniversary of “Black Monday 9/19/1977-an oral history by Vince Guerrieri (9/19/2017) Belt

Community Discussion – Politics, Facts and Compromise: Will It Happen? (9/17/2017) Video from 1st Unitarian Church

Reconsidering Dennis Kucinich 40 years after his Cleveland mayoral run: Richard M. Perloff (9/17/2017)

Cleveland’s rich industrial past inspired the arts: PD 175 (9/17/2017) Plain Dealer

Capturing the next economy: Pittsburgh’s rise as a global innovation city (9/13/2017) Brookings

Nonprofits dominate Pittsburgh’s economy, development and government (9/11/17) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

How the Group Plan of 1903 molded Cleveland (9/7/2017) Plain Dealer

Cleveland’s obsession with gentrification is worryingly premature by Alex Baca (9/5/2017) Cleveland Magazine

National City Bank to Marble Room: A visual history of Cleveland’s storied bank building (9/5/2017)

Video from the Cleveland Mayoral Candidate Forum (8/30/2017) Cleveland Public Library

Video from “The Election for Mayor: A discussion about the future of Cleveland” forum (8/29/2017)

There’s Something the Matter With Ohio Too (8/29/2017) Bloomberg

The case for raising the minimum wage in Ohio by Michael Curtin (8/26/2017) Columbus Alive

Tape from Cleveland Mayoral forum (8/25/2017) City Club of Cleveland and others

West Shoreway $100M re-do brings benefits, but falls short of original vision: Steven Litt (8/23/2017) Plain Dealer

How Redlining Segregated Chicago, and America (8/22/2017) Chicago Magazine

Harnessing the wind: Ohio ranks among top 10 for distributed wind energy (8/19/17)

Eight is enough. The 2018 Ohio governor’s race (8/15/2017) Columbus Monthly

Kids of King Kennedy are trapped by a brick ceiling: Mark Naymik (8/13/2017)

Burning river reborn: How Cleveland saved the Cuyahoga – and itself (8/8/2017) Christian Science Monitor

105th and Euclid: The Winston Willis Story (8/3/2017) Medium

What the History of One Cleveland Neighborhood Can Teach Us About Race and Housing Inequality (8/2/2017) Cleveland Scene

What the Cuyahoga River means to Cleveland (8/1/2017) Cleveland Magazine

Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells is Reining in the Rain (8/1/2017) Cleveland Magazine

Moses Cleaveland trees: How many centuries-old trees are left today? (7/26/2017)

The history of Cleveland Day

Meet William Stinchcomb, the visionary behind creating the Cleveland Metroparks-Video (7/20/2017)

The unforgettable Judge Jean Murrell Capers: editorial (7/20/2017)

How the Cleveland Clinic grows healthier while its neighbors stay sick (7/17/2017) Politico

Report urges overhaul of troubled (PA) State System universities (7/13/2017) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Carl Stokes-Promises Now Sadly Faded (July 10, 2017) Roldo Bartimole

Pittsburgh’s Latino community is small, diverse, growing — and anxious. (7/10/2017) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Record Rendezvous: Cleveland cradle of rock ‘n’ roll sits empty, awaits new life (7/9/2017)

John Spenzer, Cleveland’s first forensic scientist, loomed large 100 years ago (7/9/2017)

There’s work to do to streamline Ohio Constitution (7/9/2017) Columbus Dispatch

How these wealthy Cleveland-area families acquired their fortunes (7/6/2017)

The Time Cleveland Released 1.5 Million Balloons to Disastrous Effects (7/3/2017) Cleveland Scene


In Cleveland, climate change isn’t about rising seas. It’s about jobs and health (6/29/2017) PRI

Many small colleges face big enrollment drops. Here’s one survival strategy in Ohio (6/29/2017) Washington Post

2018 Ohio gubernatorial scramble revs up after next week’s budget signing: Thomas Suddes (6/24/2017)

How to Combat Food Insecurity in Ohio-Video (6/23/2107) City Club

Results from Irish Town Bend forum and link to proposal (6/22/2017) Plain Dealer

One Ohio Town’s Immigration Clash, Down in the Actual Muck (6/18/2017) New York Times

Dan Egan, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter and author of The Death and Life of the Great Lakes, delivers the annual State of the Great Lakes address. (6/9/2017) City Club of Cleveland

Cleveland’s maritime muscle: Vintage photos of the city’s docks and port (6/6/2017)

Beyond “white flight”: what the history of one Cleveland neighborhood can teach us about race and housing inequality By Todd M. Michney (5/31/2017) Belt Magazine

Cleveland girl’s spelling victory created racial controversy, national headlines in 1908 (5/30/2017)

Nor Any Drop to Drink?: Why the Great Lakes Face a Murky Future (5/23/2017) New York Times

How food is bringing the rust belt out of its decades-long recession (5/17/2017) Thrillist

Why is Cleveland different than Cincinnati? It all comes down to history (5/17/2017)

Fracking and the Impact of the Utica Shale on Ohio (5/16/2107) video

Dreaming up Western Reserve — the 51st state? (5/15/2017) a series from

Cleveland’s legendary Leo’s Casino made music history, transcended race (5/14/2017)

From Outhwaite to Advocate – Public Housing & the Stokes Legacy (video) May 2017 Ideastream

Historical chat w/Fred Samsel on his early #CuyahogaRiver clean-up efforts (5/11/2017) FreshWater

Video from East Side Development forum May 9, 2017 moderated by Terry Schwarz

From a Maine tribe, a message for the Cleveland Indians: Enough is enough (5/9/2017) Boston Globe

From 1930s redlining to now: Terry Schwarz panel to discuss why East Side development lags (5/6/2017)

One City in Pennsylvania is Poised to Crush the 21st Century (4/29/2017) BizPhilly

Cleveland’s sports history filled with highs, lows, villains and heroes: PD 175th (vintage photos) (4/29/2017) Plain Dealer

The Future of Offshore Wind in Northeast Ohio Panel-Video 4.28.2017 (City Club of Cleveland)

The Battle for the Right to Vote in Ohio-Video (April 2017) Western Reserve PBS

In Cleveland, co-op model finds hope in employers rooted in the city (4/27/2017) Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Our costly addiction to healthcare jobs (4/22/2017) New York Times

Video from “Foster Care in Northeast Ohio forum (April 18, 2017)

NFL revenue gap could drive more relocation (April 18, 2017) USA Today

CLE classic: Viktor Schreckengost combined form, function and beauty (April 2017) Freshwater

When Larry Doby broke the American League color barrier in Cleveland: Nicolaus Mills (4/12/2017)

Built on Steel, Pittsburgh Now Thrives on Culture (4/12/2017) New York Times

The Preston model: UK takes lessons in recovery from rust-belt Cleveland (4/11/2017) The Guardian

Cleveland Clinic co-founder George Crile helped meet medical challenge of World War I – part three of series (4/4/2017) Plain Dealer

Thousands of Ohio soldiers fought and died ‘over there’ in World War I -part two of series (4/3/2017) Plain Dealer

100 years ago, U.S. entry into bloody World War I changed everything (4/2/2017) Plain Dealer

Building the bridges of Cuyahoga County (vintage photos) (3/30/2017)

Take a tour of Cuyahoga County’s 109 historical markers (3/24/2017)

The Impact of Ohio Budget Cuts on NE Ohio Communities, including Preview, Summary and Video 3/21/2017

A brief history of fights, feuds and a coup at Cleveland City Hall (3/16/2017)

The History of Irish Town Bend-Video (3/15/2017)

Cleveland was the First City of Light. A call for a “Festival of Lights” in Cleveland by Chris Ronayne (3/15/2017) Cleveland Magazine

The Great Lakes are sicker than we think (3/9/2017) Belt

Reissuing a special 1961 magazine celebrating Cleveland’s first 165 years (3/7/2017)

Transit alone cannot solve the systemic problems behind job inaccessibility (3/7/2017) a two part essay by Tim Kovach  Part 2 is here

Report Shows Voter Fraud is Rare in Ohio: editorial (3/5/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Cleveland’s dividing lines over race issues come to light under Trump (3/3/2017) The Guardian

Women’s History Month: Cleveland suffragettes, protests and parades since 1869 (3/2/2017)

Today, March 1, is the anniversary of Ohio Statehood (Video)

Catching up with Jane Campbell (2/10/2017) Cleveland Magazine

WATCH: Lake Shore Power Plant smoke stack comes crashing down (2/24/2017) Fox8

Edwins Restaurant in Cleveland Offers Ex-Offenders a New Start (2/22/2017) Paste

Why Ohio Is The Best State In America To Launch A Start-Up (2/20.2017) Forbes

The most historic place in each of Ohio’s 88 counties (2/17/2017)

John D. Rockefeller Was the Richest Person To Ever Live. Period (January 2017) Smithsonian

Opioid overdose crisis plagues Cleveland (2/9/2017) CBS

Northeast Ohio agencies prepare for booming ‘silver tsunami’ (2/9/17) Freshwater

The legend of Moore (2/7/2017) St. Ignatius Enews

Akron Has a New Plan to Boost Its Shrinking Population (2/7/2017) NextCity

Ohio energy sources 1) Coal Mining 2) Natural Gas (February 2017) Westlake/Bay Village Observer

Ohio County was a poster child of voter fraud (2/3/2017) by Michael F. Curtin

“Proposed Merger of Cleveland and East Cleveland” forum video (1/31/17)

Ohio Was A Bellwether After All (1/25/2017) FiveThirtyEight

Transportation’s Role in the Economic Restructuring of Cleveland (1/2017) Cleveland State University

What should be done about East Cleveland? (1/19/17)

When Martin Luther King Jr. Brought His Fight to Cleveland (1/16/2017) Ideastream

Where Educated Millennials Are Moving (1/13/17) Forbes

The Symbol of the City – The Cleveland Flag (1/9/17) Tom Horsman

175 years of telling Cleveland’s story-special anniversary issue (1/8/17) Plain Dealer

Decision on fate of pedestrian bridge needs grounding in stronger lakefront vision (1/5/2017)

Lead in Cleveland: Confronting a Silent Killer (1/5/2017) Freshwater

A Year That Can Never Be Taken From Cleveland (1/1/2017) New York Times


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