The Bishops of Cleveland

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The Diocese of Cleveland has had ten ordinaries:

  1. Louis Amadeus Rappe (1847–1870)
  2. Richard Gilmour (1872–1891)
  3. Ignatius Frederick Horstmann (1891–1908)
  4. John Patrick Farrelly (1909–1921)
  5. Joseph Schrembs (1921–1945); later created archbishop ad personam by Pope Pius XII in 1939
  6. Edward Francis Hoban (1945–1966); later created archbishop ad personam by Pope Pius XII in 1951
  7. Clarence George Issenmann (1966–1974)
  8. James Aloysius Hickey (1974–1980); later appointed Archbishop of Washington; elevated to Cardinal in 1988
  9. Anthony Michael Pilla (1980–2006); retired, now Bishop Emeritus
  10. Richard Gerard Lennon (2006–2016); resigned, now Bishop Emeritus
  11. Nelson Jesus Perez (2017-present)



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