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Throughout his career in public service, George V. Voinovich has lived and led by the belief that “together we can do it.” Voinovich has been elected to more offices than any other person in Ohio and is the largest vote getter in Ohio history. From his time as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, Cuyahoga County Auditor and Commissioner, Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, Mayor of Cleveland, Governor of Ohio and US Senator, he strove for more than 45 years to make all levels of government “work harder and smarter and do more with less.”

Over his long career in public service his first priority has always been serving his constituents. As he said as governor,

“I believe the government’s highest calling is to empower people and galvanize their energy and resources to help solve our problems, meet our challenges, and seize our opportunities. I also believe it’s a leader’s role to reach deep into every individual, draw out the goodness that’s inside and inspire people to use that goodness to help themselves, their families and their communities.”

Every decision George V. Voinovich has made and every policy he’s crafted, although not always the easiest or most popular at the time, has aimed to improve the lives of every Ohioan.

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