Their Paths are Peace. A history of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens by Clara Lederer 1954

Their Paths are Peace
by Clara Lederer
© Cleveland Cultural Garden Federation

For many years the only history of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens 

Still worth reading

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In Rockefeller Parkway, along the steep hillsides, between the upper and lower driveways of the East Boulevard, cling the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, with individual units or links, each emblazoning a distinct message of cultural aspiration each singing a song of the far away homeland of a people that is building anew and in that process of contributing of its own inner cultural and spiritual wealth. 

Every gem in this diadem tells not only its own loveliness, but in reflection radiates the color and beauty of its neighbor. The teachings of Cleveland’s Cultural Garden chain are aglow with the spiritual purpose that underlies the way of free and democratic people. For surely, as it was written of true wisdom thousands of years ago: 

“Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace.”


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