News Aggregator Archives 2017

News Aggregator Archives 2017

NE Ohio Retail vacancy rises, but so does the rent. 2016 v 2015 Comparisons (3/13/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Almost all of Ohio’s voucher cash goes to religious schools (3/12/2017)

Cuyahoga County will back MetroHealth System’s transformation bonds, saving Metro up to $160 million (3/11/2017)

Greater Cleveland RTA ridership dips to record low; annual ridership, 1976-2016 (3/9/2017)

Cleveland teachers pass new contract killing most of merit pay plan (3/9/2017)

Ohio’s proposed transportation budget doesn’t do enough for transit, some lawmakers say (3/8/2017)

How gerrymandered Ohio congressional districts limit the influence of Ohio voters (3/7/2017)

Ohio lags in providing need-based grants for college students (3/6/2017)

Ohio’s payday problem. Critics say the short-term lending industry preys on the poor, but lawmakers aren’t scrambling for a fix (3/4/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Kasich K-12 Budget Means a Loss for Many Districts (3/3/2017) Ideastream

Ohio job growth worst last year since 2009 (3/3/2017) Dayton Daily News

Report: Pittsburgh’s economy ‘prosperous’ but leaving some behind (3/2/2017) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Congressional redistricting plan would leave Ohio lawmakers in charge (3/1/2017)

What Privacy Do Students Have? Ohio Supreme Court Hears Backpack Seizure Case (3/1/2017) WOSU

Record number of concealed carry gun permits issued in Ohio in 2016 (3/1/2017)

Cuyahoga County Council questions financing plan for Quicken Loans Arena renovations (2/28/2017)

Ohio reviews since 2011 find 126 non-citizens have voted  Voter fraud is rare, state secretary says (2/27/2017) Associated Press/

Pittsburgh’s black middle class has learned to navigate a city that is still segregated in many respects (2/26/2017) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Cleveland, state, JobsOhio reach deal that clears way for Opportunity Corridor (2/24/2017)

In One Glenville Neighborhood, Residents See Looming Gentrification (2/24/2017) Ideastream

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is favorite to win a 4th term – for now: Brent Larkin (2/23/17)

Seven projects that will change the face of Cleveland (2/23/2017) Freshwater

FirstEnergy talks bankruptcy and need for bailout of its nuclear plants (2/22/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Cleveland to “phase out,” but not close, eight schools after turnaround efforts flounder (2/21/2017)

Northeast Ohio ranks fourth in Midwest biomedical investments (2/20/2017)

Who’s running for mayor in Cleveland? Frank Jackson faces a crowded field for re-election (2/20/17)

Cities reap benefits of downtown bus hubs (2/19/2017) Toledo Blade

Ohio’s tuition vouchers could soon give more money to more middle class, suburban students (2/17/2017)

Cleveland would lose $2 million under Kasich’s proposal for local aid; 51 other Ohio cities would also lose out (2/16/2017)

Ohio City park plan, at Irishtown Bend, gets Clean Ohio grant to buy, clear land (2/16/2017) Plain Dealer

Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove reports rough financial year for hospital in 2016 (2/15/2017) Plain Dealer

Who’s running for Cleveland City Council? Here’s a look at potential candidates who have pulled petitions (2/15/2017)

Opponents, some supporters, of Q renovation plan pack Cuyahoga County Council meeting (2/14/2017)

How young is too young? 36,000 elementary school suspensions in Ohio (2/14/2017) WKYC

Detroit’s big city lifestyle attracts young suburbanites (2/12/2017) Detroit Free Press

Cuyahoga County demolition fund puts dent in housing-market distress (2/12/2017) Plain Dealer

Ohio EPA releases plan for curbing nutrient pollution in Lake Erie (2/9/2017) Sandusky Register

Ohio 45th of 50 states in college affordability: study (2/9/2017) Dayton Daily News

Port hires design team to envision transformation of Irishtown Bend (2/9/2017)

Push underway for automatic voter registration in Ohio (2/9/17) Dayton Daily News

Ohio hopes to “streamline” student testing, says State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria (2/8/2017)

Akron wants to grow from 198,000 residents to 250,000 by 2050: Here’s how (2/6/2017)

Cleveland’s Public Square debate enters the national spotlight (2/4/2017) Plain Dealer

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s three terms in office (analysis) (2/4/2017)

Cleveland, other local governments could get less state money under Gov. John Kasich’s budget (2/2/2017)

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson to seek unprecedented fourth 4-year term (2/1/2017)

2018 Ohio U.S. Senate candidates gearing up for another expensive race (2/1/2017)

Ohio could ban schools from expelling youngest students (1/31/2017) Dayton Daily News

Gov. John Kasich Releases Budget; Includes Sales Tax Increase (1/30/2017)

Ohio may change the way congressional lines are drawn (1/29/2017) Springfield News Sun

Ohio tax cuts have starved schools, libraries, drug treatment, critics say (1/29/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Nursing in Northeast Ohio is in critical condition (1/28/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

Small Ohio cities continue to struggle (1/27/2017) Zanesville Times Recorder

Ohio hospitals, Medicaid providers concerned about Trump administration’s block grant plans (1/26/2017)

U.S., Canada slow to tackle Great Lakes chemical pollution, says report (1/26/17) Michigan Live

The future of school funding (1/25/2017) Columbus Underground

Jobs doubled along Euclid Avenue after completion of HealthLine: CSU study (1/24/2017) Plain Dealer

Children Services Agencies Say Kids, Social Workers Are Suffering In Opioid Epidemic (1/23/2017) WOSU

Women’s March on Cleveland draws large, passionate crowd (1/21/2017)

What local changes will a Trump administration bring? (1/21/17) Channel 19 News

Ohio economy ends ’16 on upswing (1/20/2017) Toledo Blade

Why aren’t more non-Browns events held at FirstEnergy Stadium?(1/19/2017)

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture aims to improve equity in access to the arts  (1/19/2017) Plain Dealer

Lake Erie quality deteriorating, needs Canadian and American mandatory standards, report says (1/18/2017) London Ont Free Press

Ohio schools ranked exactly average nationally (1/17/2017) Dayton Daily News

Cleveland’s major hospitals warn of harm from Obamacare repeal (1/15/2017)

How Ohio is adjusting the Common Core for Ohio classrooms (1/13/2017)

Cleveland’s among a group of cities outperforming their outlying suburban areas in attracting ‘educated millennials’ (1/13/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

In a changing Pittsburgh, some fear the hidden costs of progress (1/12/2017) Penn Live

‘Appalling’ state of Cleveland police complaint investigators must be fixed, monitor says (1/10/2017)

Breakthrough charter school network splits up over speed of expansion plans (1/10/2017)

Columbus semi-finalist for futuristic, high-speed transportation system (1/10/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Donald Trump gets revenge by dismantling Gov. John Kasich’s Ohio Republican Party machine: Analysis (1/7/2017)

Gov. John Kasich to include congressional redistricting reform in budget (1/5/2017)

20% of Global Center for Health Innovation remains vacant (1/3/2017)

Dozens of new laws take effect in Ohio — here are some that may impact you (1/2/2017) Fox8

Federal agency demands RTA repay $12 million for Public Square closure, threatens to withhold federal funding (1/1/2017) Plain Dealer

Investors ‘putting down roots’ on Lorain (1/1/2017) Crain’s Cleveland Business

News Aggregator Archives: FEATURE area 2016


Can’t You Hear the 1948 Whistle Blowin’ 10.27.16 (New York Times)


Cleveland Indians in 1948: A Story of Integration 10.24.16 (New York Times)


Everything You Want to Know About Swing State Ohio, But Were Afraid to Ask 10.20.16 (Fortune)


“Heart of Steel” Series from Plain Dealer About Steel Industry in Cleveland 10.16.16 (Plain Dealer)


Video from the “Marijuana Legalization in Ohio” Forum w/Moderator Jackie Borchardt, 10.13.16


Confessions of a Rust Belt Orphan (or how I learned to stop worrying and love Akron) by Jason Segedy 10.12.16 (Cleveland Scene)


The Importance of “Ground Game” in Ohio President Campaigns 10.9.16 (Bloomberg)


Collinwood 1908: Bringing a Fire Back into History 10.6.16 (Belt)


So Now We Know For Sure: Mansfield Frazier 10.2.16 (Cool Cleveland) 


“Voter Registration in Ohio” a Short History by Michael Curtin 9.25.16


Video from Eastside Candidate Forum at Brush High School 9.22.16


Midwest Lawschools and Their Students Adapt to New Realities 9.21.16 (Cleveland Scene)


Video from “Hough: A Short Look to the Past, a Long Look to the Future” 9.19.16 (City Club)


Video from “Lake Erie and Cuyahoga River Water Quality” Forum on 9.15.16


“Presidents and Health: How James A. Garfield’s Death Changed American Medicine  9.14.16 (


The Rise and Fall of Geauga Lake Park”-video 9.9.16 (



Louis Stokes Autobiography “The Gentleman from Ohio” Part 1 is here  Part 2 is here


“Redistricting and Voting Rights in Ohio” Forum (Video) 8.25.16


Cleveland Metro Economic Performance is Mixed, According Cleveland Federal Reserve 8.25.16


On the Cusp: Cleveland’s Larchmere Neighborhood 8.24.16 (Belt)


How Milwaukee Shook Off the Rust 8.23.16 (Politico)


Cleaving the Crooked Mirror: What’s Really Behind the East and West Side Rivalry in Cleveland 8.17.16 (Thrillist)


Morgan Street Cemetary in Ohio City Steeped in History, Architecture 8.3.16 (


Great Lakes Exposition: A World’s Fair to Remember Opened 80 Years Ago This summer: photos 7.28.16 (


It’s Time to Retire Tired Talk About the “Rust Belt” 7.27.16 (CBS Marketwatch)


In Cleveland’s Public Square, Rights are Exercised. Loudly 7.26.16 (New York Times)


Cleveland was the Original Motor City (Ringer) 7.18.16


A Visual History of Streetcars and Trolleys in Cleveland 7.14.16 (


Cleveland Rising? by Alex Baca 7.14.16 (American Conservative)


The Forgotten Fastest Man by Daniel McGraw 7.12.16 (theundefeated)


Hough: Before and Beyond. A Series on Cleveland’s Hough Neighborhood 50 Years After the 1966 Riots (Ideastream)


When Cleveland Became a “Convention City” 7.11.16 (Belt)

The Challenge of Keeping Black Families From Leaving the Midwest 7.5.16 (Atlantic)

Chasing the Ghosts of Coventry Village by Brad Masi 6.30.16 (Belt)

“Cleveland and the Great War” by Kevin Naughton June, 2016 (Pressure Life)

Public Square Renovation, From Beginning to End (

“Titles and Tears” an essay by Joe Posnanski 6.20.16 (NBC)

David Morgenthaler, “Cleveland’s Quiet Business Visionary” Dies 6.17.16 Read More

How Cincinnati Salvaged the Nation’s Most Dangerous Neighborhood 6.16.16 (Politico) 

The Preacher Who Took on the Police. Cop shootings Have Torn Apart Cleveland. Jawanza Colvin is Trying to Root Out Racism from Legal System 6.16.16 (Politico) 

George Voinovich, Former Cleveland Mayor, Ohio Governor, U.S. Senator Dies 6.12.16 (

Teaching Cleveland Digital Interview with Senator George Voinovich (2014)  

The Ingredients of George Voinovich’s Success as Ohio’s Governor: Tom Suddes (

George Voinovich, Former Cleveland Mayor, Ohio Governor, U.S. Senator Dies 6.12.16 ( 

A Photo History of University Circle 6.8.16 (

Springfield Ohio Middle Class, Incomes Hardest Hit in U.S., Study Finds 6.5.16 (Dayton Daily News) 

A Visual History of the Detroit Superior Bridge 6.1.16 ( 


Opinion Essay on Northeast Ohio Regionalism Written by a Student at St. Ignatius High School 5.29.16


A Photo History of Cleveland’s Playhouse Square; Rise, Decline and Rebirth 5.27.16


Oberlin College: The Big Uneasy: What’s Roiling the Liberal Arts College 5.23.16 New York Magazine


Video from “Republican National Convention: What’s in it for Cleveland” forum 5.17.18


Video from “Cleveland’s Radio Superstars” 5.16.16


University Hospitals Marks 150 in 2016; a Historical Photo Essay 5.13.16


Learn More About Republican National Convention’s Impact on Cleveland 5.11.16


Go Hug a Tree. You Just Might Live Longer. Once Upon a Time, Cleveland was the Forest City. -Tim Kovach 4.30.16


Regional Alignment Not Competition: How Greater Milwaukee is Remaking Economic Development (Brookings)


Playhouse Square Founding Father, David O. Frazier is Honored, Remembered 4.28.2016 (


Revisiting Hough: Manfield Frazier 4.27.16 (Cool Cleveland)


Cleveland’s Public Square: Two Centuries of Transformation by Mark Souther April 2016 (Cleveland State University)


Two “Unlikely” Blockbuster Empressarios’ from Cleveland Energe as the “Future of Hollywood” 4.25.16 (Crain’s Cleveland Business) 


Video from “Van Aken Project” Forum 4.21.16


Will the Shaker Van Aken Project Succeed? Preview of Thursday 4/21 Free Forum: Steven Litt (


Ohio Won’t Save NE Ohio Public Transit, So Let’s Tax Parking to Fund it Instead: Tim Kovach (opinion) 4.8.16


Sculpted Landscapes: Art and Place in Cleveland’s Cultural Gardens (1916-2006) by Prof Mark Tebeau (CSU)


Coldest Opening Day Since 1907 4.19.1907 (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Jim Rokakis Talks about NE Ohio Housing, Tree Canopy and Other Issues at 1st Unitarian Church 4.3.16 (Video) 

Metro Cleveland Population Loss Dampens Growth 3.30.16 (Cleveland Federal Reserve)

A Contested Republican Convention in Cleveland? What You Need to Know 3.29.16 (Plain Dealer/ 

No New Confirmed Aquatic Invasive Species in Great Lakes for 10 Years 3.29.16 (Duluth News Tribune)

Labor Markets are Getting Close to Maximum Employment in Many Parts of Our Region 3.28.16 (Cleveland Fed) 

Your City is Not the Next Silicon Valley by Richey Piiparinen 3.9.16 (Cleveland State University)

Greater Cleveland Employment Trends: 2014 and 2015  -March 2016 (Cleveland State University) 

“Viktor Schreckengost-The Exchange of Art with the Everyday” – winner of the 2016 Teaching Cleveland website award at History Day 3.5.16

2016 Ohio Primary Discussion with Brent Larkin and Mark Naymik 3.2.16 (Video)

Video of Three Ohio Democratic Senate Candidates at Endorsement Meeting released 3.1.16 (

New Images Reveal True Impact of Freeways on Cleveland’s Neighborhoods 2.25.16 (Freshwater)

A Walk Through North Collinwood 2.24.16 (Belt) 

Candidates for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Debate at the Cleveland City Club: Timothy McGinty v. Michael O’Malley: Video 2.23.16 (City Club)


Is Waterfront Development Paying Off? Nine Takeaways From LWV Forum: Steven Litt 2.15.16 (Plain Dealer/


How Local Media Coverage is Forcing Cleveland to Finally Fix Its Lead Problem 2.9.16 (Columbia Journalism Review)


Roundwood Manor: Poignant Legacy of the Van Sweringens; What to do With it Now? Steven Litt 2.4.16 (Plain Dealer/


Once Famous for Beer, Milwaukee Now Bets on Water 1.26.16 (Marketplace)


The Striking Similarities of the Browns’ Move to Baltimore and the Rams Move to L.A. 1.16.16 (Baltimore Sun)


5 Facts About Brokered Presidential Conventions: Could We Have One in Cleveland This Summer? 1.8.16 (Dayton Daily News)


What Would it Take to Fix Cleveland’s Roads?: Angie Schmidt 1.4.16 (City Club)


Correcting For Bias: Mansfield Frazier 1.2.16 (Cool Cleveland)


Republican Lawyer Details Three Scenerios for 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Two of them are in “Uncharted Territory” 12.29.15 (Politico)


Cleveland Puts More Kids in Strong Preschools, Thousands Still Shut Out 12.20.15 (Plain Dealer/


The Coldest Darn Place in the World: The Great Lakes Bowl 12.16.15 (Belt)


Will Cleveland 2016 Be 1968 Chicago? 12.14.15 (Next City)


You Green Boy: An Essay on the Flats: Lee Chilcote 12.5.15 (Cleveland Scene)


What Would Dr. King Do?: Mansfield Frazier 11.23.15 (Cool Cleveland)


The Cleveland Mafia: The End of an Era and Demise of a Don Plain Dealer/ (11.23.15)


Vacant Houses, Blighted Buildings Still Plague Cleveland, But Problem is Shrinking Plain Dealer/ (11.21.15)


Video From the “Housing Crisis” Forum Moderated by Brent Larkin (10.7.15)


Toxic Neglect: Curing Cleveland’s Legacy of Lead Poisoning Plain Dealer/ (10.20.15)


Video From the “How to Become An Education Activist in Northeast Ohio” Forum Moderated by Jill Miller Zimon (8.19.15)


Video From the “Land Use in Cuyahoga County” Forum Moderated by Steven Litt (7.29.15)


Video From the Regionalism Forum with County Executive Armond Budish, Regional Coordinator Eddy Kraus and Moderator Tom Beres (6.17.15)


Regionalism in Northeast Ohio-Material on the Subject From the Past 10+ Years

A Website Devoted to John D. Rockefeller and winner of the 2015 Teaching Cleveland “History Day” Website Award, Created by Victor Pan, Birchwood School

News Aggregator Archive 13 (7/1/16 – 10/2/16)


Giant Concrete “Jacks” Will Replace Lake Erie Barrier Damaged by Hurricane Sandy (


Major Renovations Coming to Edgewater Park and Euclid Beach Pier (Cleveland Scene) 


Ohio Minimum Wage Increasing 5 Cents to $8.15, in 2017 (


Cuyahoga Community College’s Effort to Retain and Graduate Students Working, Report Says (


Ohio, Long a Bellweather, is Fading on the Electoral Map (New York Times)


Parma Schools Look to Make Drastic Cuts in Buildings, Staff (


Ohio Absentee Ballots Requested Top 800,000; Ahead of 2012 Pace (


Ohio Urban School Districts Getting Better vs Rest of State, According to Recent Test Scores (


Ohio Absentee Voting Gets Underway for Military and Ohioans Overseas (Toledo Blade) 


Obstacles Aboud as Cleveland, East Cleveland Consider Merging (Columbus Dispatch/AP)


Obesity Rate Declines Sharply in Ohio (Columbus Underground)


Cleveland Teachers Reject Contract What Happens Now? (


Cuyahoga County Discovers $9.5 Million Healthcare Plan Shortfall (


How Many Were Removed From Ohio’s Voters Rolls? It’s a Mess (Cincinnati Enquirer) 


Cleveland Poverty Numbers Drop Sharply (


The Cleveland Indians Have Been Hot All Year. So Why is Nobody Watching? (The Guardian)


More Than 52,000 Ohio High School Students Took College Classes for Free Last Year (


Cleveland Council President Offers 3 Principles That Will Guide Merger Talks With East Cleveland (


A Close-Up Look at Lake Erie’s Wind-Energy Project (


Northeast Ohio Manufacturers are Looking for Millenials (WKSU)


Some Cleveland Schools Have Strong Scores While District Falters (


Ohio Incomes Increase, Poverty Decreases, Census Bureau Reports (


Schools’ Grade Cards Full of D’s and F’s Under New System (Columbus Dispatch)


2016 Ohio Schools Report Cards (Searchable Database) (


4 Reasons Ohio’s Congressional Races are a Snoozefest This Year (


Future of Justice Center is Being Debated by Cuyahoga County (


Presidential Candidates Can’t Leave Bellwether Ohio Alone (WKSU)


After 1,200 Steel Jobs Disappeared in One Year, Lorain Pinches Pennies to Keep City on Life Support (Cleveland Scene)


Special Election for Phased-In $15 Minimum Wage Set for May 2 in Cleveland (


Tri-C Metro About to Break Ground for a Radical, $38 Million Redo of Campus Center ( 


Will Cleveland Merge With the City Next Door? Here’s What’s in it for Them. (Next City)


120-Plus Issues to Appear on Cuyahoga County Ballot for November 2016 Election (


Sunday Day of Rest? Not at Cleveland’s West Side Market (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Ohio Ranks Lower Than Most States in Voter Registration, Voter Turnout (Journal-News)


U.S. Rejects Ohio Proposal to Require Medicaid Premiums (Toledo Blade)


3,500 Ohioans Died of Overdoses Last Year; Cuyahoga Cty Saw Record Deaths in August (Cleveland Scene)


Proposed Cleveland Police Policy Clearly Defines When Cops Can Use Force (


Cuyahoga County Hindered by $1 Billion in Debt, Report Says (


Cleveland School District  Retreats on Performance Pay for Teacher(


Obamacare Options to Shrink for Many in Ohio (USA Today)


Ohio Makes Gains, But Recovery has Way to Go (Toledo Blade)


Experts, Data Divided on Impact of Ohio’s Early-Voting Period (Canton Repository)


Cuyahoga River Remains Undredged; Port Seeks Court Order Vs. Army Corps of Engineers (


To Merge or Not to Merge? Taking Stock of East Cleveland’s Assets and Liabilities (


Ohio Among 4 States to Mark Lower Obesity Rate (Toledo Blade)


State Change Mean Less Money for Ohio Pre-Schools (WKYC)


Ohio to Lose Millions in Wind-Energy Investments if State Laws Aren’t Changed (


Great Lakes Offshore Wind Farm has Funding, but Faces Hurdles Before Construction (Great Lakes Echo)


CMSD Teachers Strike Averted, Paves Way for Levy Campaign (WKYC)


Cleveland Teachers and School District Reach Contract Agreement (


Ohio Schools Number 1 in Economic Segregation (WKYC)


Opportunity Corridor is Grappling Ground for State, City of Cleveland (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Ohio Cities Consider Pot Businesses, Local Implications (Lancaster Eagle)


Who, Exactly, is Rigging Ohio Congressional Districts?: Thomas Suddes (


“Redistricting and Voting Rights in Ohio” Forum 8.25.16


Great Lakes Waters Can Take a Savage Toll on Swimmers (NPR)


Federal Appeals Court Rules That Ohio Can Cut “Golden Week”, a Week of Early Voting (CNN)


Help to Make Sense of Ohio, U.S. Jobs Numbers Used in Political Campaigns (


Ohio Solar Power Has Moved From Cottage Industry to Growth Industry (


Free E-Book About Ohio Presidential Elections Available for Teachers, Public (


Ohio’s Charter School Quality Efforts Put on Hold Yet Again (


Can Immigrants Help Spur Economic Growth in Cleveland Area? (


Self-Driving Cars Hit Ohio Turnpike Within a Year (Toledo Blade)


Ohio Unemployment Rate 4.8%; State Gains 11,400 Jobs (


Video from “Regionalism” Forum 8.18.16 (Youtube)


Pooling Community Services, Sharing Taxes Key for Greater Cleveland’s Viability, Panel Says (


Shaker Panel: Regionalism Must Take Greater Hold in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland Jewish News)


Cleveland Teachers Set Date to Strike Over Merit Pay, Evaluations (Education Week)


County Cuts, Bus Cuts, Medicaid: Why Ohio is About to Face Big Problems (


New Music Festival and Series Announced in University Circle; Starting This Fall (


Ohio Voters Ought to Pay Close Attention to Judges Close to Home: Thomas Suddes (


Ohio’s Beleaguered Public Transit is on Edge of Real Financial Crisis with Sales Tax Changes (


Ohio Must Rethink How Online Charter Schools are Funded, Says State’s Auditor (Education Week)

Cuyahoga County Would Lose $20 Million a Year in Sales Tax Revenues Under Proposed Changes (




Part-Time Workers Rights Amendment Headed for Cleveland Ballot in November (Crain’s Cleveland Business)




Transit Riders See Pros, Cons of Buses in Public Square (




Ohio Preschool Funding Policy Cuts Millions From Schools Serving Poorest Kids (




Cuyahoga County Judges Provide Vision of New Courthouse if Justice Center Comes Down (




As Clinton Pulls Away from Trump, Why Ohio Remains Close (San Francisco Chronicle)




IBM Eyes New Office Building on Cleveland Clinic Land, to House Explorys Subsidiary (




Spending in Ohio’s U.S. Senate Race Soars Toward Record Levels (




Legitimate Votes Tossed by Ohio Voting Officials, Lawyer Says (Columbus Dispatch)




Steve LaTourette, Ohio Republican with an Independent Streak Dies (Washington Post)




Cleveland Schools “Not Handling Money Well” with it’s No-Bid Projects, Bond Watchdog Panel Says (




Most Ohio Public Colleges Show Declining Fiscal Health (Dayton Daily News)




Buses Return to Public Square Indefinitely Delayed (




As No Child Left Behind is Tossed Out, Ohio Plans New Approach to Testing and School Accountability (




Cleveland Officials Consider Banning Buses from Renovated Public Square (




Are You Still Registered to Vote? A Court Fight in Ohio Might Decide (




Cleveland Can Grow if it Meets Rising Demand for Housing and Keeps Millenials in Town: CSU Study (




Out-of-State Students Help Bottom Line at Ohio’s Public Universities (Columbus Dispatch)




Cleveland Metroparks Gets Nearly $8 Million from Feds for Bike and Pedestrian Paths (




What’s Next for East Cleveland-Cleveland Merger (




RTA Prepares for $4.5 Million Revenue Loss in 2017; $18 Million in 2018 (




How are Millennials Leaving Their Mark on the Rust Belt (PBS)




Could Giant Suction Cups Turn Lake Erie Into a Regional Energy Hub? (Pacific Standard)




Lake Erie, South Florida Algae Crisis Share Common Toxins, Causes (Toledo Blade)




A Diamond in the Rough: Hough 50 Years After the Uprising (




Hough Riot, 50 Years Ago, Couldn’t Destroy a Neighborhood (Plain Dealer)




Here’s How Tampa Compares to Cleveland as a GOP Convention City (



Cleveland Police Perform Well Under Spotlight of RNC: Analysis (


Solar Power Proponents Blame Politics for Ohio’s Ranking of 29th in U.S. (Columbus Dispatch)


As Trump Spectacle Winds Down, Cleveland Breathes Easier (USA Today)


Law and Order Prevailing in Cleveland (The Hill)


Unlike the GOP, Cleveland Wants to Attract a Lot More Immigrants (Huffington Post)


Cleveland’s Once-Battered, Still-Divided Housing Market Takes Center Stage at RNC Panel (


Rival Protesters Converge on Cleveland’s Public Square (Toledo Blade)


How Cleveland’s Declining Middle Class Compares to the U.S. (PBS)


Closed Plants Shake Central Ohio City (Toledo Blade)


Ohio’s Shale Natural Gas Spurs Investment Building of Plants (Columbus Dispatch)


How Cleveland’s New Park Will Define Resistance at RNC (Wired)


Everything You Need to Know About Republican National Convention in Cleveland (


GOP Delegates Will See Vibrant Bits of Cleveland But City has Deep Troubles (USA Today)


Utica, Marcellus Shale Wells Producing at Historic Highs: Cleveland Fed (Akron Beacon Journal)


Amazon Fulfillment Centers Could Have Big Impact in Central Ohio (WCMH Columbus)


The Hot New Cleveland Park at the Center of the Republican Convention (Politico)


Ohio Casinos Generate $1 Billion in Tax Revenue Since Opening (


Northwest Ohio Farmers Facing Drought Conditions (Toledo Blade)


In Ohio, GOP Incumbent, Former Governor Wage Heated Race (Associated Press)


RTA Facing “Catastrophic” Revenue Loss in 2017 (


Ohio’s Voucher Students Fare Worse Than Public-School Peers, Study Finds (Columbus Dispatch)


Cleveland Officials Make the Case for Increasing City’s Income Tax (


Renaissance of Cuyahoga Riverfront Means Commercial and Recreational Interests Must Coexist (Cleveland Scene)


GOP Convention Madness: Is Cleveland Ready For Its Close-Up? (Salon)


Tough Talk on Trade Finds Cleveland Eager to Listen (Toledo Blade)


Ohio Prison Population Rising (Youngstown Vindicator)


Ohio Attorney General: Cities Cannot Set Their Own Minimum Wage (


How a House Can Shape a Child’s Future. New Cleveland Study Connects Living Conditions w/Kindergarten Readiness (Atlantic)


Who Will Show Up? Who Will Pay? The Many Unknowns of the GOP Convention in Cleveland (Washington Post)


Cleveland Schools to Ask for School Tax Renewal in November (


News Aggregator Archives: FEATURE area 2017

News Aggregator Archives: FEATURE area 2017

Cleveland was the First City of Light. A call for a “Festival of Lights” in Cleveland by Chris Ronayne (3/15/2017) Cleveland Magazine

The Great Lakes are sicker than we think (3/9/2017) Belt

Reissuing a special 1961 magazine celebrating Cleveland’s first 165 years (3/7/2017)

Transit alone cannot solve the systemic problems behind job inaccessibility (3/7/2017) a two part essay by Tim Kovach  Part 2 is here

Report Shows Voter Fraud is Rare in Ohio: editorial (3/5/2017) Columbus Dispatch

Cleveland’s dividing lines over race issues come to light under Trump (3/3/2017) The Guardian

Women’s History Month: Cleveland suffragettes, protests and parades since 1869 (3/2/2017)

Today, March 1, is the anniversary of Ohio Statehood (Video)

Catching up with Jane Campbell (2/10/2017) Cleveland Magazine

WATCH: Lake Shore Power Plant smoke stack comes crashing down (2/24/2017) Fox8

Edwins Restaurant in Cleveland Offers Ex-Offenders a New Start (2/22/2017) Paste

Why Ohio Is The Best State In America To Launch A Start-Up (2/20.2017) Forbes

The most historic place in each of Ohio’s 88 counties (2/17/2017)

John D. Rockefeller Was the Richest Person To Ever Live. Period (January 2017) Smithsonian

Opioid overdose crisis plagues Cleveland (2/9/2017) CBS

Northeast Ohio agencies prepare for booming ‘silver tsunami’ (2/9/17) Freshwater

The legend of Moore (2/7/2017) St. Ignatius Enews

Akron Has a New Plan to Boost Its Shrinking Population (2/7/2017) NextCity

Ohio energy sources 1) Coal Mining 2) Natural Gas (February 2017) Westlake/Bay Village Observer

Ohio County was a poster child of voter fraud (2/3/2017) by Michael F. Curtin

“Proposed Merger of Cleveland and East Cleveland” forum video (1/31/17)

Ohio Was A Bellwether After All (1/25/2017) FiveThirtyEight

Transportation’s Role in the Economic Restructuring of Cleveland (1/2017) Cleveland State University

What should be done about East Cleveland? (1/19/17)

When Martin Luther King Jr. Brought His Fight to Cleveland (1/16/2017) Ideastream

Where Educated Millennials Are Moving (1/13/17) Forbes

The Symbol of the City – The Cleveland Flag (1/9/17) Tom Horsman

175 years of telling Cleveland’s story-special anniversary issue (1/8/17) Plain Dealer

Decision on fate of pedestrian bridge needs grounding in stronger lakefront vision (1/5/2017)

Lead in Cleveland: Confronting a Silent Killer (1/5/2017) Freshwater

A Year That Can Never Be Taken From Cleveland (1/1/2017) New York Times

News Aggregator Archive 13 (1/1/16 – 6/29/16)

Northeast Ohio Historic Rehabilitation Projects Share in $28 Million in Tax Credits (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


How Downtown Cleveland Traffic Could Be Affected by the RNC (


What Does Today’s Supreme Court Decision Mean For Ohio’s Abortion Laws (Cincinnati Enquirer)


Cleveland to Start Planning for Potential Protected Bike Paths on City Streets (


What Ohio Voters and Research Say About Income Inequality and Mobility (WKSU)


Voters Unhappy, Have Little Faith in Politicians to Help; Economic Issues Most Important (Toledo Blade)


Where Ted Strickland, Rob Portman Stand on Gun Control (Columbus Dispatch)


Cleveland Police Chief Praises Behavior of Community and Officers During Cavs Celebrations (


Northeast Ohio Hotels Train to Spot Human Trafficking (News Herald)


Voters Support Ohio Library Building Boom (Dayton Daily News)


Why Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson Thinks His Anti-Violence Plan Might Be Doomed (


Cleveland and ACLU Settle Lawsuit Over Security Restrictions at RNC (


Crowd Swarms Cleveland For Cavs Title Parade, Rally (USA Today)


This Ohio Latina is Building Local Economy from the Inside Out (NBC)


Information Technology Job Prospects in Cleveland Area are Strong for Second Half 2016 (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


What Cuyahoga County School Districts Spend the Most Money?: Rankings (


LeBron James Finally Brings a Title Home to Cleveland (ESPN)


Expect Intense Security at RNC Convention in Cleveland (Washington Post)


Ohio’s Utica Oil Production Drops for First Time; Natural Gas Production Still Growing (Akron Beacon Journal)


More Charter Schools Closing After Ohio Toughens the Rules (Columbus Dispatch)


Carnegie’s Huge Library Investment Still Felt in Ohio (Columbus Dispatch)


Voting Bill Vetoed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich (


In Cleveland Area, Communities Just 10 Miles Apart Have Large Gap in Life Expectancy (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland’s New Health Director Faces a Daunting Task (


ACLU Sues Cleveland Over Republican National Convention Protest Rules (


Ohio Set to Lower Math Standards Amid Test-Score Drops (Columbus Dispatch)


George Voinovich, Former Cleveland Mayor, Ohio Governor, U.S. Senator Dies (


Young, Eager Unleash Rust Belt Economy (Detroit Free Press)


Cleveland Realizes a Championship After All, Thanks to the Monsters (New York Times)


Ohio’s Appalachia Vote Could Turn Portman-Strickland U.S. Senate Race (Canton Repository)


When it Comes to Voting-Rights Disputes, Ohio is #1. Why? (WKSU)


Is Cleveland’s Unique Teacher Pay Plan Living Up to Promises? Not Yet (Plain Dealer/


Ohio’s Governor Just Legalized Medical Marijuana in Ohio. Now What? (Cincinnati Enquirer)


As Obamacare Plans Struggle, MetroHealth Offers an Alternative Individual Plan (Plain Dealer/ 


A Suburb on the Brink of Bankruptcy (Atlantic)


Prescriptions for Opioids Fall in Ohio, but Addiction Continues to Kill at Alarming Rates (Plain Dealer/


Federal Judge Says 2 Ohio Voting Laws are Unconstitutional (New York Times/Associated Press)


RTA Fare Increases and Service Cuts Coming in August (


100 Years Ago Today, East Cleveland Gave Women the Right to Vote (


“Comeback” Cleveland Readies for a Rare Moment in the Sun (Washington Post)


Will Ohio’s Lake Erie Strategy Work? Answers Won’t Come Soon (AP)


A Review of Cleveland’s Tech Industry: Part 1 The Search for Capital (Plain Dealer/


What Ohio Lawmakers Passed Before Going on Summer Break (Columbus Dispatch)


Scores on Ohio’s High School Math Tests Much Lower Than Expected; May Force Changes in Graduation Requirements (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Fiscal Health Rates Well in Short Run; Some Argue That Pension Issues Loom as Problem Longer Term (Dayton Daily News)


Cleveland Judges and Lawyers Readying for Busy Republican Convention (Ideastream)


Cleveland Entrepreneurship is Up. Ohio Ranks #1 for Middle-Market Firms (Plain Dealer/


Water Guns Banned; Real Guns Allowed in Cleveland RNC Event Zone. Here’s Why (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Lawmakers Break for “Summer Recess” Until November (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Schools Celebrate Upward Nudge in Still-Poor Attendance Rate (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Touts Security Plan for GOP Convention (The Hill)


Donald Trump Considers Cleveland Stadium for RNC Nomination Speech (CNN)


Metroparks Reject Application for Camping and Concert at Edgewater Park During RNC (Plain Dealer/


Lake Erie Wind Farm Gets an Unexpected $40 Million from Federal Government (WKSU)


Ohio Lawmakers Legalized Medical Marijuana. What Happens Next? (Plain Dealer/


City of Cleveland Announces Preliminary Security and Protest Plan for RNC (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Ohio Smoking Rate Remains Higher Than National Average (WOSU)


Ohio Looks Likely to Get Online Voter Registration in 2017 (Dayton Daily News)


Cleveland State May Demolish Wolstein Center for Smaller Arena, Housing (Plain Dealer/


Ohio is Paying Charter Schools for Kids Who Aren’t in Class, Auditor Yost Finds (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Schools Won’t Say What’s in $13 Million Summer Work Package (Plain Dealer/


Current Bail System Penalizes the Poor; Potentially Wastes Millions of Taxpayer Dollars (Plain Dealer/


Wind, Solar, Coal and Regulations: Which Combination Will Dominate Ohio’s Energy Future (WKSU)


Ohio Senate Race to be Brutal, Expensive (Akron Beacon Journal/Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum)


The RNC’s Impact on Cleveland? Here’s What Organizers Have to Say (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Apartments Rising at “Insane” Rate (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Data Gathered on Ohio Voters Raises Privacy Concerns (Dayton Daily News)


Cleveland Host Committee Still $8 Million Short of RNC Fundraising Goal (Plain Dealer/


Sprawl, Isolation and the Poverty They Leave Behind (Detroit Free Press)


Ohio’s Poorest Kids Have Gaps in Safety Net, Report Says (Columbus Dispatch)


How Downtown Cleveland Has Changed: By the Numbers (Plain Dealer/


Downtown Cleveland Grows but Urban Revival Has a Way to Go (Plain Dealer/


What East Cleveland Bankruptcy Could Mean for a Cleveland Merger; Plus Other Aspects (Plain Dealer/


Dayton City-Montgomery County Merger Plan Withdrawn (Dayton Daily News)


Little Improvement Seen for Appalachian Children (Morgan County Herald)


Davis-Besse Nuclear Reactor Restarted, Equipped to Handle Fukushima-Sized Disaster (Plain Dealer/


Going Solar in Ohio: Yes, Its’ Being Done (Plain Dealer/


Benefits of Political Conventions Can Be “Uneven”, “Lumpy” (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Developer Presents Plan for Major Residential Complexes on West Bank of Cleveland Flats in Nautica District (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Look Who Wants to Demonstrate at RNC Convention in Cleveland This summer: Mark Naymik (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Prison Population Could Hit Record High This Summer (Columbus Dispatch)


K&D Has Deal to Buy Terminal Tower; With Apartments Planned (Plain Dealer/


The Most Normal City in America. The Making of Columbus Ohio (The Towner)


Progress in Fixing Cleveland’s Lead Poisoning Program Mixed, So is the Reaction to It (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Gov Kasich To Drop Out of Race for President (Associated Press)


Donald Trump Campaign to Take Central Role Planning Republican National Convention in Cleveland (Plain Dealer/


Cutting Ohio Farmers Property Taxes Could Cost Homeowners, Schools Millions (Columbus Dispatch)


What Has Loss of Hub Status Done to NE Ohio? (WKSU)


Army Corps of Engineers Refutes Ohio EPA Claim That Toxic Mass in Lake Erie Threatens Clevceland’s Drinking Water (Plain Dealer/


Group Pushing $15 Minimum Wage in Cleveland Submits Signatures (WKYC)


Advocates Worry RNC Could make Life Even Harder for Cleveland Poor and Homeless (Plain Dealer/


East Cleveland May Soon Be Forced to Choose Between Firefighters and Police (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland’s Water Supply Threatened by Toxic Materials in Lake Erie, Ohio EPA Says (Plain Dealer/


What Protestors and Police Can and Can’t Do During RNC Demonstrations: Mark Naymik (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Tree Crisis Threatens Millions of Dollars in Health and Other Benefits (WKYC)


Ohio Ranks High for Problem Gamblers, Study Says (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Among the Least Affordable States for College, Report Says (Plain Dealer/


Opponents Blast Proposed Dayton City-County Merger (Dayton Daily News)


Cleveland-Area House Prices Growing at Faster Annual Rate (Plain Dealer/


Ohio’s Colleges Spending More to Get Students They Want (Columbus Dispatch)


Lorain’s Steel Industry is Almost at a Standstill (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Rise in Crashes Linked to Higher Speed Limits on Ohio Roads (WLWT)


Ohio’s Opioid Crisis Requires an Urgent Public Health Response, Officials Testify (Plain Dealer/


Effort to Merge East Cleveland With Cleveland Starts Anew (Plain Dealer/


Cuyahoga County Executive Budish Lays Out Plan for the Future, Reviews 2015 Achievements (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


5 Announcements From County Executive Budish’s 2016 State of the County (Plain Dealer/


ACE Report: Energy Slow Down Leads to Small Job Loss in NE Ohio in March (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Who is Paying and Who is Not Paying for Costly RNC Protest Insurance and Why (Plain Dealer/


Did Ohio “Fumble” Application, Losing Millions in Foreclosure Funding? (Columbus Dispatch)


Cleveland Region Among the Nation’s Most Polluted, But Getting Cleaner, New Report Says (Plain Dealer/


Media Gets Scoop on Intricate Cleveland Republican National Convention Logistics (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Thirsty Cities Begin to Eye Water From the Great Lakes (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)


Ohioans in U.S. Congress are Ambivalent about Redistricting (Columbus Dispatch)


Ohio Unemployment Rate Inches Up to 5.1% in March (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Public Debate Opens on Proposal to Make Ohio Medicaid Recipients Pay for Care (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland State Announces Standalone Film School, Ohio’s First (Cleveland Scene)


New Plan for Cleveland Eastside Lakefront Trails and Bike Paths Ready for Public and City Review (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Councilman Defects from Green Party, Returns to Democrats (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland’s East 4th Street Project Capped Off By New Michael Symon BBQ Restaurant (Plain Dealer/


Chemicals on Rise in Lake Erie Fish? (Columbus Dispatch)


Skyscraper Intrigue Swirls in Downtown Cleveland (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


This is Why Ohio is Becoming the E-Commerce Fulfillment Center Capital (CNBC)


What Can Cleveland Co-ops Teach Rochester, New York? (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)


Cleveland Will Host the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony Every Two Years Starting in 2018 (Plain Dealer/


NE Ohio’s Top Transportation Agency Preparing 20-Year Vision That Will Focus on “Social Equity”, Particularly for Households Without Cars (Plain Dealer/


Utica Shale Drilling Still Stalled as Prices and Rig Counts Drop (Crain’s Cleveland Busness)


Transcript from Gov. John Kasich 2016 State of State Speech (Associated Press)


5 Takeaways From Ohio Gov. John Kasich State of the State Speech (Plain Dealer/


Gov. Kasich Offers Hopeful Message, Few New Ideas in State of State Speech (Columbus Dispatch)


Effort to Start Cleveland-East Cleveland Annexation Talks Dealt Setback in Court (Ideastream)


What Will Happen in Cleveland When the Republicans Arrive (MTV)


By the Numbers: How’s Ohio Really Doing? (Cincinnati Enquirer)


Gov. Kasich Administration Plans to Require Over 1 Million Medicaid Recipiants in Ohio to Make Monthly Payments to Keep Insurance (WLWT)


Budget Cuts Bring Rocky Road for Regional Transit Agency (RTA) (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Cleveland Indians Demote “Chief Wahoo” to Secondary Logo (Cleveland/Shaker Heights Patch)


How Well is Ohio Really Doing? (Columbus Dispatch


Ohio Senate Race is Costliest in Nation (Toledo Blade)


Cleveland Planning Commission Votes to Let FirstEnergy Raze Lake Shore Power Plant (Plain Dealer/


Why Quality Preschool is So Hard to Find in NE Ohio: editorial (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Farmers Turn to Corn as Profit Forecasts Remain Thin (Columbus Dispatch)


Ohio is Moving to Tighten Rules on Lead in Drinking Water (Akron Beacon Journal)


Ohio Proposes Paying $10 Million to Help East Cleveland-Cleveland Merger (Plain Dealer/


Does Cleveland Still Rock? Why Major Bands Have Been Bypassing NE Ohio (Cleveland Scene)


The First 2000 Days: A Special Section on Preschool in Cleveland (Plain Dealer/Plain Dealer)


Ohio Frack Waste Facilities Proliferate With Little Oversight (Akron Beacon Journal)


Look to Detroit for Tower City “Avenue Mall” Clues (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Author Says Ohio Needs to Make Voting Easier (WKSU)


Ohio Legislators Blocked Proposals to Limit Amount of Lead in Water Pipes (Columbus Dispatch)


Cleveland Quietly Prepares Security Plans for Republican National Convention (Ideastream)


Obamacare in Ohio 6 Years On (Columbus Dispatch)


Can a Battered Middle Class Be Restored? Key Question in Presidential Election (Plain Dealer/


Dan Gilbert Buys Tower City Shopping Center From Forest City For $56.5 Million (Cleveland Scene) 


As Regional Transit Authority Wrestles With Tightening Budgets, NE Ohio May Need to Rethink Public Transportation (Cleveland Magazine)


Study Says Farms Must Change to Curb Lake Erie Algae (Columbus Dispatch)


Cuyahoga County Grand Juries Have Been Dogged By Controversy for Decades (Cleveland Scene)


Cleveland Prepares for Unrest at Republican National Convention (Boston Globe)


How Can Local NE Ohio Stores Compete With Online and National Competititors (Plain Dealer/ 


Protestors Fight Proposed RTA Fare Hikes, Route Changes (WKYC) 


Free Trade is Key Issue in Ohio Race for Senate (Columbus Dispatch) 


Donald Trump’s Support in Ohio’s Appalachian Counties: Thomas Suddes (Dayton Daily News)


Aged Great Lakes Lock Could Cripple U.S. Steel Industry and Hit Manufacturing Jobs (The Guardian)


Cleveland-Area House Prices are Rising, but the Recovery is Uneven (Plain Dealer/


There’s No Going Back to Paper Tests, State Says to Schools (Plain Dealer/ 


Ohio Voters Reject Extremes (Columbus Dispatch)


Angered by Cities’ Handling of Police Shootings, Voters Oust Two Prosecutors (New York Times)


John Kasich and Hillary Clinton Win Buckeye State Primaries (Plain Dealer/


Ted Strickland has Won Ohio Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate (Plain Dealer/ 


Michael O’Malley Beats Out Tim McGinty for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor (Fox News 19)


Statewide Results for Ohio Primary Election 10/15/16 (Plain Dealer/


Segregation, Inequality Reflected in Ohio’s Poor Health Rankings (Plain Dealer/


Let’s Be Honest: Ohio is the Only State You Really Need to Pay Attention to Tonight (Washington Post) 


The Political Three-Ring Circus Arrives in Ohio: Thomas Suddes (Plain Dealer/


An Ohio Election Like No Other (Cincinnati Enquirer)


Ohio Economy Has Taken a 15-Year Slide (Coshocton Tribune)


How a Contested Cleveland RNC Convention Would Work (USA Today)


Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson State of the City Speech 3.10.16 (Video)


Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson Calls for Development in Struggling Cleveland Neighborhoods(Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Lakefront Repairs Will Allow Safe Swimming at Euclid Beach (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Fracking Wells Double Production in 2015 (Ideastream)


Ohio Tax Changes Under Gov. John Kasich Leave Cities Scrambling to Cope With Less (Plain Dealer/


How Downtown Became Cleveland’s Hottest Zip Code (Cleveland Scene)


Tree Plan is Approved Aimed at Making Cleveland “The Forest City” Again (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Republican Primary Ballot Causing Confusion (WKYC)


School Districts Got “A” Grades on Paper Tests, but “F” Grades Online, Survery Says (Plain Dealer/


5 Things to Know About Ohio’s Economy (


Flint is in the News, But Lead Poisening is Even Worse in Cleveland (New York Times)


Challenges of Ohio’s Republican Congressional Incumbents All Come From the Right (WKSU)


What Are Top-Ranked High Schools in Ohio on State Report Cards? (Plain Dealer/


How Immigrants are Impacting the Cities That Want Them (Governing)


After 100+ Years, Cleveland’s West Side Market to Add Sunday Hours (Plain Dealer/


A Contested Cleveland RNC Convention May Be the Only Thing That Stops Donald Trump (Plain Dealer/


RTA Contemplates Service Cuts to Waterfront Line, Green Line and More (Cleveland Scene)


Did “Keyboarding” Problems Impact State Report Card Grades? (Plain Dealer/ 


Single Moms, the Largest Demographic Living in Poverty in Ohio (WOUB News)


Sebring Not Ohio’s Only Lead Problem (USA Today Network)


John Kasich Vows to Defeat Donald Trump in March 15 Ohio Primary (CNN)


Ohio Schools Pressured to Reduce Play-to-Pay Fees (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Metroparks to Fix Historic Coast Guard Station (Plain Dealer/


2014-2015 Ohio School Rerport Cards Released. Results are Here (Plain Dealer/


Ohio’s Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates Clash in First and Possibly Their Only Joint Appeaerance (Plain Dealer/


Groups Want Western Lake Erie to be Declared Impaired (Associated Press/Detroit News)


Can Global Cleveland Actually Attract and Engage Immigrants? (Cleveland Scene)


Bridging the Divide: Cleveland’s Evergreen Cooperatives Turns Its Employees into Homeowners: Video (CNBC)


Ohio Supreme Court Sets Execution Date For Condemned Killer, but Ohio Has No Lethal Drugs (Columbus Dispatch)


Warm Winter Helps Speed Public Square Renovation; Should be Done by July (Plain Dealer/


U.S., Canada Agree to Reduce Phosphorus By 40% to Shrink Lake Erie Algal Blooms (Plain Dealer/


Dayton Has Lost About 43% of Its Public Property Tree Cover Since 1982 (Dayton Daily News)


CSI Cleveland: How the City is Curbing Sexual Violence (Christian Science Monitor)


Harnassing the Wind and Sun: Ohio Can Do Better (Plain Dealer/


What’s Next for Key Bank Acquisition of First Niagara? (Buffalo News)


Ohio Will Get Millions to Fight Blight and Foreclosures (Plain Dealer/


Group Shares Merger Proposal of Dayton and Surrounding Montgomery to Create Metropolitan Government (WHIO)


6 Things to Know Dayton Metropolitan Government Charter Plan (WOIO)


If GOP Convention in Cleveland is Contested, the Crucial Fight Will Be Over Rules (Plain Dealer/


10 Things to Know About Ohio’s Primary Election Next Month (Dix Capital Bureau)


Cleveland’s Biotech Industry Attracted $200 Million in 2015, Report Says (Plain Dealer/


New Report Offers Troubling Picture of Akron (Akron Beacon Journal)


Republican Camapigns Secretly Prep for Brokered Cleveland Convention (Politico)


Congressional Redistricting Splits Ohio Republicans (WOSU)


Ohio Was Land of Hope for Many Black Families (Toledo Blade)


Planning Commission Nears Approval of Innovative Zoning Aimed at Transforming Downtown (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Begins Its Study of Grand Juries (WKSU)


Home Prices Up for Most Cuyahoga County Towns Last Year, but Still Below 2007 Levels (Plain Dealer/


Video from Waterfront Development Forum 2.9.16 (CWRU Lifelong Learning)


Is Waterfront Development Paying Off for Cleveland, Cuyahoga County? (Plain Dealer/


A Discussion of Growth in Northeast Ohio 2.9.16 (Cleveland Federal Reserve)


Ohio Reports Much Higher Number of Failing Charter Schools (WLWT)


Cleveland Plans Nearly $30 Million in Road Repairs, Other Upgrades (Ideastream)


Battleground Cleveland: How Power is Shifting at Small-Market Airports (TravelPulse)


Ohio Could Use a Big Leap Forward in Early Education: Editorial (Akron Beacon Journal)


Design for Campus International School Wins City Planning Commission Approval (Plain Dealer/


Sittenfeld’s Focus on Guns: Smart Politics or Losing Strategy (Cincinnati Enquirer)


In Cleveland, Lead Removal is Less About Water and More About Old Buildings (Ideastream)


Abouty 244,000 Ohioans Sign Up for Healthcare Coverage Through Federal Marketplace (Associated Press)


How Our Money Flows From County and City; An Essay on Stadium and Sports Funding in NE Ohio: Roldo Bartimole (Have Coffee Will Write)


While Flint’s Lead Crisis Gets National Headlines, Cleveland’s Problems are Much Worse (Plain Dealer/


US Army Corps of Engineers Rejects Port of Cleveland Request to Stop Open-Lake Dumping (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Cleveland Downtown Population Boom is Real. How Long Will It Continue? (Cleveland Scene)


Cleveland’s Proposed Income Tax Hike Vs. Gov. John Kasich’s Tax Cuts (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Mayor Jackson Points to State Cuts as Reason for a City Income Tax Hike (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Cleveland Mayor Proposes Increasing Income Tax to 2.5% (Plain Dealer/


Charters Still Lag Ohio’s Urban Districts in Student Performance (Columbus Dispatch)


Preschool Helps Kids, But How Much? And Who Does It Help Most? (Plain Dealer/


Diversity in Columbus Police, Fire Recruits Yet to Improve (Columbus Dispatch)


Ohio Town has Water Problems Like Those in Flint, MI (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


Oho Severance Tax on Gas/Oil Produced Windfall in 2014/15. Even More Expected in 2015/16 (Akron Beacon Journal)


During an Under-the-Radar Year, Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish Puts a New Face on Progress (Cleveland Magazine)


Northeast Ohio’s Most Influential People 2016 (Cleveland Magazine)


Cleveland’s Global Center for Health Innovation Struggling to Generate Tenants and Income (Plain Dealer/


Closed Power Plant on I-90 in Cleveland Too Degraded to Preserve and Reuse According to First Energy (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Supreme Court to Review Grand Jury System in Ohio (Plain Dealer/


Ohio EPA Knew of Lead Contamination in Drinking Water in Sebring for Months (Columbus Dispatch)


RNC Comes to Cleveland in July. So Will Protestors. Is Cleveland Prepared? (Cleveland Scene)


Ohio’s Higher Performing Charter Schools Ask for More Money From State (Columbus Dispatch)


New Look General Electric has Little Interest in Retail or Light Bulbs (Bloomberg)


Cleveland Officials Recommend Firing 6 Police Officers, Suspending 6 After Deadly 2012 Police Chase and Shooting (Plain Dealer/


First Merit Bank, with 2,000 Employees in Akron, Sells to Huntington Bank (Plain Dealer/


Cuyahoga County has the Highest Property Tax Rates in Ohio. Compare here (Plain Dealer/


Flint, MI Sets a New Low for Hazardous Water (Toledo Blade)


Ohio Senator Rob Portman Fate Tied to 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee: Thomas Suddes (Plain Dealer/


Ohio has Yet to Write Rules for Fracking Industry (Columbus Dispatch)


Register Ohio Voters Online: Editorial (Toledo Blade)


5 Ways New Medical Marijuana Initiative Changes the Game in Ohio: Analysis (Plain Dealer/


Cuyahoga County Court to Review Grand Jury Process (Plain Dealer/


Renovation of Little Italy’s Historic Alta House is a Win-Win for All Involved (FreshWater)


Farmers Step Up to Reduce Fertilizer Runoff and Toxic Algae in Lake Erie (Plain Dealer/


Celebrity Chefs Help to Feed Cleveland Real Estate (CNBC)


Steven Dettelbach, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, Resigns After Nearly 7 Years in Office (Plain Dealer/


Northeast Ohio Home Sales Up 14% in 2015 vs. 2014 (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Northeast Ohio Healthcare Forum w/Casey Ross, Moderator 1.19.16 (CWRU Siegal Lifelong Learning)


Students Continue to Struggle in Ohio’s High-Poverty School Districts (Columbus Dispatch)


US-Canada Agency: More Work Needed to Protect Great Lakes (Dayton Daily News)


Cleveland Ranks 8th Nationally in Attracting Millennial Professionals: Study (Cleveland Scene)


Ohio’s Community Colleges Fail in Helping Students Transfer to Four Year Colleges, Report Says (Plain Dealer/


Economic Outlook in Cleveland and Ohio is “Mixed,” Federal Reserve Says (Plain Dealer/


306 New Upscale Apartments Announced in Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood (FreshWater)


NASA Glenn Research Center Aims to Fight Toxic Algae (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


President Obama Declares Emergency in Flint, MI over Lead in Drinking Water (Detroit Free Press)


Masters of Innovation: The Nottingham Spirk Story: Video (City Club)


Search 2015 Ohio School Report Cards (Plain Dealer/


Northeast Ohio’s Best Schools at Helping Struggling Young Readers…and the Worst (Plain Dealer/


Ohio has Few Checks for Natural-Gas Storage Leaks (Columbus Dispatch)


The Inside Story of How Ohio’s Laws are Made (Plain Dealer/


Meet the People Who Actually Write Ohio’s Laws (and They’re Not Lawmakers) (Plain Dealer/ 


How Ohioans Have Fared Under President Obama (Cincinnati Enquirer)


Can African-American Voters Unseat the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor: Afi Scruggs (Belt)


Republican Logjam Could Cause Deadlocked Cleveland Convention (Columbus Dispatch)


Ancient Ohio Sites Lack State Protection From Archaeology Scavengers (Columbus Dispatch)


Ohio Gun Buying Shows No Sign of Slowing Down (Dayton Daily News)


Rural Ohio Areas Lag in Healthcare Sign-Up (Fremont News-Messenger)


Ohio Schools Slide in National Rankings. Achievement Gap Widens Between Rich and Poor Students (Columbus Dispatch)


Drury Plaza Hotel Readies for Debut in Former Cleveland Board of Education Building (Plain Dealer/


More Apartments Announced on Euclid Avenue (Plain Dealer/


Amazon Pins Big Hopes on Northwest Ohio Wind Farm (Toledo Blade)


Demo Days: New Cleveland Housing Data Should Mean a More Strategic Approach to Demolition and Rehab (Cleveland Magazine)


The Stakes are High as Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson Contemplates a Fourth Term: Brent Larkin (Plain Dealer/


West Virginia, Ohio Move to Comply With Clean Power Plan – Even as They Challenge It (Wheeling Intelligencer)


Fewer Ohioans Going to College Amid Economic Recovery (Cincinnati Enquirer)


Correcting for Bias: Mansfield Frazier (Cool Cleveland)

News Aggregator Archive 12 (7/1/15 – 12/31/15)

Ohio Will Be in Spotlight Throughout 2016 Presidential Race (Columbus Dispatch)


5 Key Ohio Supreme Courts Rulings from 2015 (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland’s Terrible Stain: Editorial (New York Times)


Tamir Rice Decision: No Indictments of Cleveland Police Officers (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Officer Will Not Face Charges in Tamir Rice Shooting Death (New York Times)


Backers Favor $1 Billion Bond Issue to Clean Up Ohio’s Water (Associated Press/Columbus Dispatch)


Ohio Democrats Face March Senate Primary They Hoped to Avoid (Dayton Daily News)


Should Wisconsin City Get OK to Tap Lake Michigan Water? (Detroit Free Press)


Internet Speed Wars Heat Up in Michigan (Detroit Free Press)


GOP Primary Will Have 3 Vying to Face Incumbent US Representive Marcy Kaptur (Toledo Blade)


Fewer Ohioans Going to College Amid Economic Recovery (Fremont News-Messenger)


Women are Underrepresented, Lack Clout, in Ohio Legislature (Columbus Dispatch)


Energy Glut, Low Commodity Prices Hitting Ohio’s Utica Shale; Cutbacks are Growing in Eastern Ohio (Akron Beacon Journal)


Dispute Over Ohio’s Voting Rules in Hands of Federal Judge (Toledo Blade)


More Than 218,000 Ohioans Sign Up for Obamacare, Government Says (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Gov. Kasich Calls for “Dramatic” Changes in How Congressional Districts are Drawn: Video (


Cleveland Has Ohio’s Lowest Major Metro Unemployment Rate in November (Columbus Dispatch)


Lakewood City Council Unanimously Votes to Close Lakewood Hospital (Cleveland Scene)


Ohio’s Oil and Gas Industry Ready to Boom Once Prices Improve, Analyst Says (Plain Dealer/


Concerns Expressed Over Remake of Shoreway Exits in Ohio City (Plain Dealer/


Pittsburgh’s Riverfront Spaces Have Become Epicenter of City’s Development (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


Cleveland Puts More Kids in Strong Preschools, Thousands Still Shut Out (Plain Dealer/


Lobbyist-Tilted Playing Field Favors FirstEnergy and AEP in Columbus: Thomas Suddes (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Lawmakers Question School Suspensions in Truancy (Columbus Dispatch)


Ohio Traffic Deaths Up a Bit in 2015, but Still Near Record Low (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Ranks Low for Infectious Disease Control (Dayton Daily News)


Great Lakes are Warming More Than Twice as Fast as Oceans, New Study Says (Toronto Star)


Number of Severe Algae Blooms in Lake Erie to Double, According to OSU Forecast (Ohio State)


A Look at What Ohio Projects Could Get Money in the Federal Budget (Columbus Dispatch)


Former Huntington Building on East 9th Gets $25 Million Tax Credit From State (Plain Dealer/


Congress to Give Glenn NASA Full Funding (Plain Dealer/


What You Need to Know from Cleveland City Council’s Hearing on Lead Poisoning (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Has Added 1,200 More “Quality” Pre School Seats; Now There are 4,100 Enrollments; Goal is 12,400 (Plain Dealer/


Ohio’s Coal Dependence May Face Major Changes Following World Climate Change Agreement (Dayton Daily News)


Ohio Cities Battle Explosion of Deer (Columbus Dispatch)


Proposed Project on W25th and Detroit Includes Apartments and Music Settlement (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


In Ohio’s “Chemical Valley”, a Debate Over Good Jobs and Bad Health (Washington Post)


Cleveland’s Restaurant Boom Show No Signs of Abating (Cleveland Scene)


Fight for Nasa Glenn Dollars Involved High-Stakes for Cleveland: Brent Larkin (Plain Dealer/ 


Akron-Canton Airport Facing Uncertain Future Due to Airline Cuts and Competition From Cleveland (Plain Dealer/


Health Costs Still a Struggle in Ohio (Plain Dealer/ 


Republican Leaders Bracing For Brokered Convention in Cleveland; Last One was 1952 (Dayton Daily News) 


First Look at Plans for Warehouse District Apartments; Could Start Early Next Year (Plain Dealer/


Solving Cleveland’s Infant Mortality Crisis: Saving the Smallest (Plain Dealer/ 


Ohio Incomes are Flat, Poverty Up Over Past Five Years According to Census Data (Plain Dealer/ 


Long Talked About Changes at West Side Market Are Closer Than Ever to Happening (Cleveland Scene) 


Recession Still Felt Across Rural Ohio (Newark Advocate)


FirstEnergy’s Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant Gets 20-Year License Extension (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


After Ohio’s Issue 1 Vote, Advocates Want to Change Congressional Redistricting Next (Ideastream)


Cleveland Bans Tobacco. E-Cigarette Sales to People Under 21 (Plain Dealer/


Rentals are Booming, But Here’s Why Down town Cleveland For-Sale Housing is Lagging (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Contract Awarded to Build Lake Erie Off-Shore Wind Farm Pilot Project (Plain Dealer/


Commercial Loans Thriving as Northeast Ohio Economy Picks Up (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Gun Control Rising Issue in Race For Ohio Senate Seat (Toledo Blade)


Economic Insecurity: Number of Poor Families Grows in Ohio (Columbus Dispatch)


Congress Might Cut Tens of Millions of Dollars from NASA Glenn Budget (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Hospital Systems Agree to Stop Diverting Emergency Room Traffic By Next Year, 24/7 (Plain Dealer/


FirstEnergy Deal Will Destroy Competition, Say Opponents, Want New Hearings (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Supreme Court Races Will Feature Judges From Cincinnati, Northeast Ohio (Plain Dealer/


Sammy Cantania: One of the Founders of Cleveland’s Food/Restaurant Scene Dies (FreshWater)


Ohio’s Wealthier Kids Do Better on State Tests, Group Finds (Columbus Dispatch)


Appalachia Grasps for Hope as Coal Loses its Grip (Associated Press)


Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty Draws Plenty of Critics But Only One Possible Opponent in Re-Election Bid: Mark Naymik (Plain Dealer/


University Hospitals Opens New Level 1 Trauma Center at Main Campus in University Circle (WEWS)


Cleveland City Council Approves First of Six Tax Deals For Lakefront Development (Plain Dealer/


Manufacturing Adds Jobs in Ohio; Still Down From Mid-2000s Recession (Columbus Dispatch)


Cleveland Vows to Get Lead Poisoning Inspection Program “Back on Track” (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Schools May Be Adding Students After Years of Constant Decline (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Prosecutors are Turning Away from Death Penalty in Favor of Life in Prison (WKSU)


Ohio’s Fracking Boom Hits Speed Bump (Columbus Dispatch)


Aerial Photos from 1950, 1960s Reveal How Freeways Scarred Downtown Akron (Plain Dealer/


The Growing Pains of Cleveland’s Newest Westside Neighborhood (Cleveland Scene)


Survery of Cleveland’s Distressed Buildings Should Help Guide Demolition Decisions: Editorial (Plain Dealer/


Job Accessibility in Northeast Ohio 11.23.15 (Cleveland Federal Reserve)


Why Halfway Houses Have Grown in Ohio (Plain Dealer/


Focus on Community Programs in Ohio Leads to Drop in Juvenile Lockups (Columbus Dispatch)


Vacant Houses, Blighted Buildings Still Plague Cleveland, But Problem is Shrinking (Plain Dealer/


Officials Estimate That Over 6,000 Distressed Houses Remain For Potential Demolition in Cleveland (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Would Welcome Syrian Refugees: Mayor Frank Jackson (Plain Dealer/


One Year Later Cleveland Continues to Grapple With the Death of Tamir Rice (Plain Dealer/


Warehouse District Parking Lots Could Blossom Into High-Rise Apartments (Cleveland Scene)


Large Mixed-Use Downtown Cleveland Developement Project Announced (WKYC)


Should Ohio End Pay-to-Play Fees in Schools? (Cincinnati Enquirer)


Most Northeast Ohio Congresspeople Vote to Block Refugees to U.S. (WEWS)


Cleveland Unveils Framework Plan for Canal Basin Park Celebrating History and Geography (Plain Dealer/


Columbus Leads Peer Cities in Millennial Population Growth (Columbus Underground)


Amazon to Build Wind Farm in NW Ohio (Columbus Dispatch)


Ohio State’s New President Tackles Football (Wall Street Journal)


Ohio’s Utica Shale Development Grows By $5.7 Billion or 20.4% Since Last Spring (Akron Beacon Journal)


Hunger Remains a Huge Problem For Working Poor in Northeast Ohio (WEWS)


Ohio Lieutenant Governor Looks to Prove Skeptics Wrong With Possible 2018 Run For Governor (Plain Dealer/


Ohio State Aims to Improve Diversity on Campus (WOSU)


Ohio Gov. John Kasich Says Ohio Should Not Accept Syrian Refugees (Plain Dealer/


LEEDCo Lands a Third Dept of Energy Grant to Develop Lake Erie Wind Project (Plain Dealer/


Foreign Students Enrollment Increases 10% in Ohio, Report Says (Plain Dealer/


Cuyahoga Plans Slow Rollout of Electronic Poll Books (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Teachers Vet New State Tests; Many Call Them Improvement (Chillicothe Gazette 


Loretta Mester, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland at City Club of Cleveland November 13, 2015  (Video)


Loretta Mester Doubles Down on Position of Raising Rates in City Club Speech (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Wilberforce University, America’s Oldest Private HBCU, Keeps Accreditation (Cleveland Scene)


RTA to Raise Base Fare, Cut Service in 2016 (Cleveland Scene)


The $102 Billion Backlog Facing Urban Rail Systems (Regional Plan Association)


Citizen Complaints Against Police Officers Have Been Reduced by 40% Since Body Cameras Have Been Used (Plain Dealer/


How Do We Fix Lake Erie? 5 Takeaways from Jeff Reuter’s Talk at the City Club (Plain Dealer/


Northeast Ohio Expected to Gain 123,000 Job Openings in Next Decade (Plain Dealer/


2015 Lake Erie Algal Blooms Worst Ever; Not as Near to Toledo Water Intake: NOAA (Toledo Blade)


Cuyahoga County Council and Executive Reach a Deal on Two-Year Budget (Plain Dealer/


40 Years After Sinking of Edmund Fitzgerald, Advance in Technology Make Great Lakes Ships Safer (Detroit News)


Clean-Energy Amendment Could Run Up Against New Ohio Anti-Monopoly Amendment (Plain Dealer/


Utica Shale: New Method of Drilling May Increase Output and Make Dry Gas Glut Worse (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


Ohio in Bottom Third in Need-Based College Aid (Columbus Dispatch)


The 52 Fastest Growing Companies in Cleveland (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Detroit Rising: Life After Bankruptcy (Detroit Free Press)


Ohio House Speaker Rosenberger’s 17-Year Plan For Congressional Redistricting Reform (Akron Beacon Journal)


40 Years Later, Edmund Fitzgerald Remains a Mystery (Detroit News)


Will Ohio Vote Glitches Get Fixed by 2016? (USA Today)


Replanting the Forest City (Freshwater)


Reforming Congressional Redistricting May Not Happen Soon; May Require Threat of Ballot Issue, Says Ohio Secretary of State (Plain Dealer/


Cleveland Voted “Yes” for Issue 3, but the Suburbs Voted “No” (Plain Dealer/


Recapping the Election Night Winners and Losers (Plain Dealer/


Ohio Voters Reject Measure Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Use (Reuters)


Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Issue to Reform Ohio’s Districting Process (Columbus Dispatch)


RTA Searching For Money to Replace Aging Rail Cars (Ideastream)


The 2016 Political Ground Game Has Already Begun in Ohio (Plain Dealer/


On This Date, Ohio’s James Garfield Elected President, November 2, 1880 (Politico)


Marijuana Vote in Ohio Difficult to Predict (Columbus Dispatch)


Scientists Alarmed as Tiny Plastic Turns Up in Great Lakes (Toledo Blade)


Like Ohio, Pennsylvania Embroiled in Political Fight Over Fracking Taxes (Plain Dealer/


Very Few Tax Hikes on Ballot in Ohio in November 3 Election (Columbus Dispatch)


Demand for Downtown Condos under $800,000 is Good, Supply is Lacking (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


The Outlook For U.S. Steel: Bleak and Bleaker (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


Ohio Healthcare Exchange Premiums are Down 6.3% in Year 3 (The Plain Dealer/


Experts Struggle to Explain Rise in Cleveland Gun Violence (ABC/Associated Press)


Debate on Ohio Issue #3 from Columbus Metropolitan Club 10/28/15: Video


Ohio’s Public Colleges Outlines Ways Students Can Reduce Costs (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Cincinnati Mayor Announces Plan For Immigrant Welcome Center (WLWT/5)


Ohio Students Struggling Academically, Test Results Show (Columbus Dispatch)


Online Charter School Students Learning Less Than Traditional Students, Study Shows (Columbus Dispatch)


Great Lakes States Guard Water – Even From Neighbors (Detroit Free Press)


Small Gains for the Cleveland Schools as NAEP Scores Fall for Ohio and the Nation (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Ohio Issue 2’s Anti-Manopoly Language Assues Some, Troubles Others (WOSU)


How Cleveland is Being Defined by Opportunity Corridor: Mark Lefkowitz (GreenCityBlueLake)


Ohio’s Efforts to Reform Juvenile Prisons is National Model (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Many Ohioans Still Uninsured as Federal Healthcare Sign-Ups Begin (Dayton Daily News)


Ohio’s Weed War: Corporations, Activists Clash Over Legal Pot (Rolling Stone)


Obama Administration Calls For Limits on Testing in Schools (New York Times)


E-Schools Still in the Crosshairs of State Charter School Ratings, National Study (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Race, Racism and Lead Poisoning: Toxic Neglect (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


How Polluted With Toxic Algae is Ohio’s Drinking Water? (Columbus Dispatch)


Ohio’s Competing Issues 2, 3 Vary in Support (Toledo Blade)


Wine Boom in Ohio Grows (Toledo Blade)


In Swing-State Ohio, Both Parties Want to Limit Their Own Power in Redistricting (Governing)


Cuyahoga County and Cleveland Officials Want to Form Agency to Reduce Infant Mortality (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


An Inner-Ring Suburb on the Edge: “The Future of Maple Hts is Bleak”: Mark Naymak (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Cleveland Launches Plan to Rebuild Urban Forest (WKYC)


Three Short Videos Explaining Ohio Issues 1, 2 and 3: Video (Ohio Sec of State)


Legalizing Marijuana and Controlling Monopolies: What to Know About Issues 2 and 3 (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Curing Cleveland’s Legacy of Lead Poisoning (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)

With Boehner Gone, Will Ohio Lose Influence in Ohio? (Columbus Dispatch)


Area Restaurants are Desperate for Skilled Help (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Ohio’s Shale Industry Isn’t About to Crack (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Ohio Voters Support and Oppose Legalizing Marijuana. Wait, What? (Washington Post)


Downtown Cleveland Lakefront Development Could See City Funding for Infrastructure, Parks (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


MetroHealth’s Campus Transformation Goes Far Beyond Bricks and Motar (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Ohio Issue 1, the Redistricting Amendment: What You Need to Know (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


7 Cuyahoga County Cities Unite to Ask Voters to Curb Deer Population (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


What’s Behind the Rise in Cincinnati Shootings? (Cincinnati Enquirer)


Expert Says Ohio’s Redistricting Proposal (Issue 1) Could Serve as Model For Other States (WOSU)


More Ohio Farmers Go Organic (Columbus Dispatch)


Poll: Ohio Headed to a “Constitutional Crisis” over Marijuana Issues (Dayton Daily News)


The Story of Cleveland’s Gang Violence is Written Chapter by Chapter on the City’s Streets (Cleveland Scene)


Judge Allows Youngstown Schools State-Takeover Bill to Stand (WKBN)


Cuyahoga County Executive Budish Proposes $10 Million Infusion into Pre-K Program (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


State Issue 1 Would Change Who Makes Decisions on State Voting Districts (WCPO)


Ohio Issue 2: Election Guide (Cincinnati Enquirer)


Ohio’s Issue 3 More Complicated Than Support for Legal Marijuana (Toledo Blade)


Fewer Food Pantries Serve Ohioans in Need (Columbus Dispatch)


Cleveland’s Slavic Village is on the Comback Trail, Eyes More Local Retail (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Ohio Legislators in Both Parties Want New Congressional Redistricting Method (Columbus Dispatch)


Ohio Passes Legislation Aimed at Cleaning Up Scandal-Ridden Charter School Sector (Washington Post)


A Long Chat With Norman Krumholz, Former City Planner of Cleveland (Cleveland Scene)


Port Sells First Load of Recycled Dredge From Cuyahoga River Sediment (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Northeast Ohio Hospitals Decry Skyrocketing Drug Prices (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Cuyahoga County Housing Market Recovering Slowly, Local Experts Say (Cleveland Jewish News)


Cleveland is One of the More Pricey Cities for Health Care Costs, Analysis Says (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Is Hopkins Reducing Staffing Because It’s Running Out of Money? (Cleveland Scene)


Free College Classes Attract Thousands of Ohio Middle and High School Students (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Debate Over Issue 3: “Marijuana Legalization at Cleveland City Club: Video (City Club)


Interviews With Columbus Mayoral Candidates (Columbus Monthly)


May Co, 925 Building, Former Goodyear Campus Vie for Big State Tax Credit (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


New Site on Central Lakefront Under Consideration For Cleveland Intermodel Hub (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Housing Experts to Discuss Northeast Ohio Foreclosures, Recovery at Wednesday Forum (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Cleveland Faces Long-Stalled Efforts to Diversify Police Ranks (Ideastream)


Youngstown: A Cautionary Tale (Toledo Blade)


A Green River: Spreading Algae on Ohio River is Cause for Concern: Editorial (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


Confusing Ohio Test Results are Latest Effort to Unravel Common Core’s Promise (Washington Post)


To Help Solve Cleveland Airport’s Problems, Create a Regional Authority: Brent Larkin (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Ohio’s Oil, Natural Gas Industry Important Despite Downturn (Akron Beacon Journal)


When Cleveland Was a Hotbed of Rock N Roll: 40 Years of Photos (Slate)


Report Says Universities in Ohio Can do More to Cut Costs (WCPO)


Legalized Marijuana Sales Could Make Ohio $300 Million, Budget Office Says (Columbus Dispatch)


Toxic Algae Bloom Now Stretches 650 Miles Along Ohio River (Columbus Dispatch)


LeBron James Calls For Greater Gun Control in Wake of Cleveland Child Shootings (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Polluted Stew Remains Over Northeast Ohio Despite Improvements in Air Quality: NOACA Report (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Fleeing the Witness Stand: Fear of Gangs Escalates in Cleveland Courtrooms (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


The Day Cleveland’s East Side and West Side Were Linked 100 Years Ago (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Cleveland Clinic, CWRU Break Ground on $515 Million Health Education Campus (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Akron’s Drinking Water Supply Surrounded by Oil Wells, a Cash Cow for the City (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Toxic Algae Outbreak Overwhelms a Polluted Ohio River (New York Times)


Issue 8-Cuyahoga County Arts and Culture Forum at Cleveland City Club 9.28.15-Video (City Club of Cleveland) 


Come to Cleveland? Maybe Not (Belt)


Cuyahoga County Needs New Downtown Courthouse and Jail, Officials Sa(Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Most First Year Kids in Ohio Online Schools Learn Little, Fall Behind and Never Catch Up (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


From River Bottom to Topsoil: Recycling Cuyahoga River Sediment in Slavic Village (Belt)


Cleveland’s Bike Share System Could Have Hundreds of Bicycles by Spring (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Cleveland to Pay $13.2 Million Next Year For Police Reforms (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Pioneering Cleveland Journalist Doris O’Donnell Dies at Age 94 (TribLive)


Tourism Officials Compare Lake Erie Algae Problem to Gulf Coast Oil Spill, Say Industry is Ailing (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Ohio Facing a Clean Water Crisis (Columbus Dispatch)


Enrollment is Falling at Northeast Ohio’s Law Schools (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


John Boehner’s Departure Will Hurt Ohio’s Clout and Prestige, Officials Say (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Speaker of the US House and Ohio Representative John Boehner to Resign from Congress (Columbus Dispatch)


Ohio Sees an Alarming Jump in Drug Overdose Deaths (Columbus Dispatch)


Cuyahoga County Clerks Latest Public Service-Workers to Unionize (Cleveland Scene)


Ohio’s Middle Class Still Struggling to Recover, Not Only From Great Recession, But One in 2001 (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Ohio Cuts Math and English Testing Time About 40% This Year (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Michigan Bill Seeks to Ban Shipping Crude Oil on Great Lakes (Detroit Free Press)


Cincinnati Economy Fastest-Growing in Midwest (Cincinnati Enquirer)


Uber Doubling Up in Ohio With Push for 10,000 More Drivers (Columbus Business First)


Dayton to Host First Presidential Debate on Sept 26, 2016 (Toledo Blade)


How One Couple Turned a “Toxic Corner” of Cleveland Into a Develpment Hotbed (Vanity Fair)


America’s Leading Immigrant Cities (Atlantic Citylab)


Ohio’s Contributions to American Cuisine (Columbus Dispatch)


What’s the Deal With Issue 2? (Cincinnati Enquirer)


Northeast Ohio Home Sales Still Toppng 2014 Levels, But August was Slower (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


What You Need to Know About Issue 3 – Ohio’s Marijuana Legalization Measure (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


How Scott Walker’s Withdrawl May Affect Ohio Governor Kasich’s Presidential Bid (Columbus Dispatch)


Ohio Obesity Continues to Climb (Dayton Daily News)


Will Ohio Ban Pay-to-Play School Activities? (Columbus Dispatch)


Republican National Convention Poised to Disrupt Calendars Next Summer (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Cleveland State Wolstein Arena Gets a Major Assist from the Q (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Cuyahoga County Departments Asked to Reduce Budgets by 10% (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Early Childhood Education Still Best Ticket Out For Inner-City Cleveland Youth: Brent Larkin (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Census: Nearly 1.8 Million Ohioans in Poverty (Cincinnati Enquirer)


For Gang Members, the Revolving Prison Doors “Like Going to College” (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Fatal Car Accidents on the Rise in Ohio (Dayton Daily News)


Hudson Launches Its High-Speed Internet System (Crain’s Cleveland Business)


Ohio Kids Who Don’t Quite Meet PARCC Testing Standards Are Still “Proficient”, State School Board Decides (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Fewer People Are Without Health Care in Ohio (Dayton Daily News)


Ohio’s Tech Companies Struggling to Overcome Shortages in Talent and Capital (Columbus Business First)


Ohio Didn’t Like Its Students’ Common Core Test Scores – So It Changed the Passing Grade (Washington Post)


MetroHealth to Open Emergency Departments in Cleveland Heights, Parma (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Planned Parenthood is a Symbol. This is the Reality of One Ohio Clinic (Washington Post)


Issue 3 Marijuana Legalization Supporters and Opponents (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Charter School Equipment Belongs to Operators, Not Schools, Court Rules (Columbus Dispatch)


83% of Ohio State’s Students Graduate; Highest Rate of Ohio’s 13 Public Universities (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


From Jail to Jobs. In Ohio, Prisoners Train to Find Redemption: George Will (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


Ohio Turnpike Cuts Deal Aimed at Expanding Wireless Coverage (Associated Press)


Ohio Still Has 250,000 Fewer Jobs Versus 2000; Job Growth Well Below National Average (Columbus Dispatch)


Cuyahoga River Cleanup Reaches New Benchmark With Walleye Discovery (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Bipartisan Group Pushes to Reduce Ohio’s Prison Population (Ideastream)


University Circle Proposal Could Add 700+ Apartments (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Are Local School Taxes Subsidizing Ohio Charters? (Columbus Dispatch)


Broad Ohio Coalition Want Renewable Energy Targets Restored (Associated Press)


Has Cleveland Finallly Realized Its Destiny as a Destination? (Ideastream)


Ohio Health Insurance Industry is Shrinking; Prices Bound to Rise (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Ohio Sees Wages Dip: Now Below Average (Columbus Dispatch)


A Frank Discussion About Race, Bigotry and Humility: George Ridrigue, Editor (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Charter School Questions Dog John Kasich at Home (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Critics Say Issue 2 Could Block More Than Marijuana Amendment (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


The Comeback of the Great Lakes States (Forbes)


Urban Resilience: A Tale of Two Cities (Huffington Post)


Ohio Auto Crashes Increase by 7% in 2014; Insurance Rates to Climb (Columbus Dispatch)


Droughts Plaguing Much of U.S. Present Opportunity For Great Lakes Regions (Buffalo News)


Civil Cases Plummet in Cuyahoga County, Across the State as Foreclosures Drop Drastically (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


How Columbus Managed to Record Nation’s Highest Wage Growth (Fortune)


Fiat Chrysler Plans to Keep Wrangler But Exit Wrangler in Toledo (Toledo Blade)


Are Charter Schools in the Future For Youngstown City Schools (Belt)


A Look Back at the Early Years of Air Show Races in Cleveland (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Brain Gain in the Rust Belt (Atlantic Citylab)


FirstEnergy’s Lakeshore Power Plant Will Be Demolished (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Algae in Western Lake Erie Eats Into Fishing Business (Associated Press)


Frequently Asked Questions About Ohio’s Marijuana Issue 3 (Dayton Daily News)


With State Takeover Looming, School Begins in Youngstown (StateImpact)


Now That the Lake Shore Power Plan is Closed, Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About How to Best Use That Land (Cleveland Magazine)


In Latest Mega-Merger, Akron General Joins With Cleveland Clinic (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)


Electronic Poll Books Will Be at Voting Locations Across the State by November, 2016 (Plain Dealer/NEOMG)