Some of the Best of 2016

Joe Posnanski story on Cleveland Cavs and LeBron James 6.20.16 (NBC)

Some of the Best of 2016: Long Form Essays of Note (plus other content)

Drowning in Dysfunction: How the Cleveland Water Department is Failing its Community, Violating Rights (WEWS-TV5) 12/22/2016

Returning to Ohio How a small, Midwestern town has changed over the decades—and where it aims to go (Atlantic) 12/12/16

Tower Struggle. What Does Sale of Iconic Building Mean for Cleveland? 11.1.16 (Cleveland Magazine)

Silent Sanctuaries: In Pittsburgh, These Houses of God Stand Mute, Often Crumbling 10.31.16 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Can’t You Hear the 1948 Whistle Blowin’ 10.27.16 (New York Times)

Cleveland Indians in 1948: A Story of Integration 10.24.16 (New York Times)

“Heart of Steel” Series from Plain Dealer About Steel Industry in Cleveland 10.16.16 (Plain Dealer)

Confessions of a Rust Belt Orphan (or how I learned to stop worrying and love Akron) by Jason Segedy 10.12.16 (Cleveland Scene)

Collinwood 1908: Bringing a Fire Back into History 10.6.16 (Belt)

“Voter Registration in Ohio” a Short History by Michael Curtin 9.25.16

“Louis Stokes Autobiography “The Gentleman from Ohio” Part 1 is here ( 8.29.16

“Louis Stokes Autobiography “The Gentleman from Ohio” Part 2 is here ( 8.30.16

Cleveland Metro Economic Performance is Mixed, According Cleveland Federal Reserve 8.25.16

Great Lakes Exposition: A World’s Fair to Remember Opened 80 Years Ago This summer: photos 7.28.16 (

In Cleveland’s Public Square, Rights are Exercised. Loudly 7.26.16 (New York Times)

The Challenge of Keeping Black Families From Leaving the Midwest 7.5.16 (Atlantic)

“Titles and Tears” an essay by Joe Posnanski 6.20.16 (NBC)

Go Hug a Tree. You Just Might Live Longer. Once Upon a Time, Cleveland was the Forest City. -Tim Kovach 4.30.16

Greater Cleveland Employment Trends: 2014 and 2015 -March 2016 (Cleveland State University)

“Viktor Schreckengost-The Exchange of Art with the Everyday” – winner of the 2016 Teaching Cleveland website award at History Day 3.5.16

New Images Reveal True Impact of Freeways on Cleveland’s Neighborhoods by Tim Kovach 2/25/16 FreshWater

Is Waterfront Development Paying Off? Nine Takeaways From LWV Forum: Steven Litt 2.15.16 (Plain Dealer/

How Local Media Coverage is Forcing Cleveland to Finally Fix Its Lead Problem 2.9.16 (Columbia Journalism Review)

Correcting For Bias: Mansfield Frazier 1.2.16 (Cool Cleveland)

Regionalism in Northeast Ohio-Material on the Subject from the past 10+ Years

Here’s another list of the “Best of 2016” from the Cleveland Scene

Louis Stokes aggregation

1 The Passing of a Giant: Lou Stokes by Mansfield Frazier in Cool Cleveland July 2015
2 “Lou Stokes – the Congressman, Leading Lawyer and Towering Political Presence Has Died” Plain Dealer 8/19/2015
3 Louis Stokes from the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
4 Interview With Louis Stokes Former U. S. Congressman from 1969 – 1999 (Video)
5 Louis Stokes Biography from the U.S. House of Representatives Website
6 Interview With Louis Stokes WVIZ/PBS 2/8/2007
7 Louis Stokes Featured on “The American Dreams” show
8 Louis Stokes From Wikipedia
9 Louis Stokes Interview
10 “The Congressman” from Cleveland Magazine

11. Louis Stokes Oral History from CSPAN

12. Stokes Era Comes to an End Plain Dealer 1/18/1998

13 “Louis Stokes Autobiography “The Gentleman from Ohio” Parts 1 and 2 August, 2016

Cleveland Politician Interview Series

Cleveland Politician Interview Series

Click on each to view

George Forbes Interview

James Rokakis Interview

Louis Stokes Interview

George Voinoch Interview

Michael R White Interview

Interview With Louis Stokes Former U. S. Congressman from 1969 – 1999 (Video)


1972 House of Rep. Photo

Louis Stokes, brother of Carl Stokes, was a congressman in the United States House of Representatives from 1969 – 1999. During his time in office, Stokes served on numerous committees including the House Select Committee on Assassinations, the Ethics Committee, and the House Intelligence Committee. He was interviewed for Teaching Cleveland Digital at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage on January 20, 2014 to celebrate Martin Luther King day. This is a five-part interview with Mr. Stokes. Cameras by Jerry Mann and Meagan Lawton, Edited by Meagan Lawton, Interviewed by Brent Larkin.

Part one is here

Part two is here

Part three is here

Part four is here

Part five is here


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