Newton D. Baker Aggregation

Collection of material on Newton D. Baker

1 Newton D. Baker: Cleveland’s Greatest Mayor By Thomas Suddes

2 Newton D. Baker – The Civil Warrior (documentary)

3 Remarks by Thomas F. Campbell Upon the Occasion of Newton D.  Baker’s Induction into the City Club’s Hall of Fame May 18, 1987

4 Newton D. Baker from Foreign Affairs April 1938

5 Civitism

6 Newton D. Baker, as an Aide Remembers Him

7 Newton D. Baker from the Plain Dealer 9/26/1976

8 Newton D. Baker by Philip W. Porter

9 Transcript of Newton D. Baker’s famous League of Nation’s Speech delivered 6/28/1924

10 Mayor Tom’s Successor, The World’s Work Magazine, 1914

11 Newton D. Baker Biography by C. H. Cramer

12 Video from the Newton D. Baker Symposium April 19, 2015

13. Newton D. Baker Eulogy Delivered by Raymond D. Fosdick in 1937

14. Baker Wins! Front page from Cleveland Plain Dealer November 8, 1911

15. Newton D. Baker and the Adult Education Movement

16. Walter Lippman on Newton D. Baker 12/28/1937

17. Samuel Gompers debates with Newton D. Baker about “Right-to-Work” laws in 1922

18. Baker : Trained Administrator by Frederic C. Howe

19. Baker on the Fifth Ballot?

20. Recollections of Secretary of War Newton D. Baker by FQC Gardner

21. What Joseph M. Proskauer said about Newton D. Baker in his 1950 Autobiography

Tom L. Johnson Aggregation

1 Tom Johnson: Progressive Reform for the Common Man (Video)

2 Cleveland: “The City on a Hill” 1901-1909

3 A Couple of Giants: Mark Hanna and Tom Johnson

4 Tom L. Johnson, America’s Best Mayor (documentary)

5 A Ten Year’s War by Frederic Howe

6 Tom L. Johnson by Robert H. Bremner

7 Confessions of a Reformer by Frederic Clemson Howe

8 Cleveland’s Johnson by Eugene C. Murdock

9 The Double Life of Tom L. Johnson

10 Cleveland’s Johnson: Elected Mayor by Eugene C. Murdock

11 “My Story” The Autobiography of Tom L. Johnson

12. Biography of Tom L. Johnson by Carl Lorenz

13. Tom Johnson’s Obituary in American Magazine

14. Tom Johnson and Henry George

15. “Cleveland’s Johnson: The Cabinet” by Eugene Murdock

16. “The City on the Hill: Tom L. Johnson and the Mayors influenced by Henry George” a talk by Dr. Alexandra Lough (Video)


“A Man is Passing” Edmund Vance Cooke poem written in honor of Tom L. Johnson

Poem written in 1910 by Edmund Vance Cooke in honor of Cleveland Mayor Tom L Johnson

A MAN is passing. Hail him, you
Who realize him stanch and strong and true.
He found us dollar-bound and party-blind;
He leaves a City with a Civic Mind,
Choosing her conduct with a conscious care.
Selecting one man here, another there.
And scorning labels. Craft and Graft and Greed
Ran rampant in our halls and few took heed.
The Public Service and the Public Rights
Were bloody bones for wolf and jackal fights.
Now, even the Corporate Monster licks the hand,
Where once he snarled his insolent demand.
Who tamed it? Answer as you will.
But truth is truth, and his the credit still.

A Man is passing. Flout him, you
Who would not understand and never knew.
Tranquil in triumph, in defeat the same.
He never asked your praise, nor shirked your blame.
For he, as Captain of the Common Good,
Has earned the right to be misimderstood.
Behold! he raised his hand against his class;
Aye, he forsook the Few and served the Mass.
Year upon year he bore the battle’s brunt;
And so, the hiss, the cackle and the grunt!
He found us striving each his selfish part.
He leaves a City with a Civic Heart,
Which gives the fortune-fallen a new birth.
And reunites him with his Mother Earth;
Which seeks to look beyond the broken law
To find the broken life, and mend its flaw.

A Man is passing. Nay, no demigod.
But a plain man, close to the common sod
Whence springs the grass of our humanity. Strong
Is he, but human; therefore sometimes wrong,
Sometimes impatient of the slower throng.
Sometimes unmindful of the formal thong.
But ever with his feet set toward the height
To plant the banner of the Common Right,
And ever with his eyp fixed on the goal.
The Vision of a City with a Soul.